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Christmas Was Not Originally A Christian Holiday

Did you know that a pagan winter festival was traditionally the most popular festival of the year in many cultures long before Jesus ever came to this earth?

Did you know that December 25th was celebrated as the "birthday" of pagan gods such as Mithras and Sol long before it became Christianized?

Did you know that Jesus WAS NOT born on December 25th?

One of the pagan pre-Christian festivals was called Saturnalia.

It was a holiday when the Romans commemorated the dedication of the temple of their god Saturn, which was on the 17th of December and the festival would last for a whole week until the 23rd of December.

Later the Romans also started holding a festival on December 25 called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, which means "the birthday of the undefeated sun."

Pagan Scandinavia also celebrated a winter festival called Yule, which was held from late December to early January. Yule logs were lit to honor the god "Thor". The holiday would continue until the Yule log burned out, which could take as many as twelve days. Thus this is where we get the "12 days of Christmas".

In the year 350 A.D., Pope Julius I declared that "Christ’s birth" would be celebrated on December 25th from then on.

His rationale was that he was trying to make it easier for pagan Romans to convert to Christianity.

But Jesus was not born on December 25th.

It would have been way too cold for shepherds to be out with their sheep at night during that time.

Jesus was actually born during the Feast of Tabernacles.

Are you ready for more stuff you didn't know about Christmas?

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Anonymous said...

Um...duh. I'm Catholic and I've known this since I was a kid. Most people do, it's basically common knowledge. Many Christian holidays are celebrated on former pagan holidays, it doesn't change their significance.

Jocelyn Testes-Harder said... is a
true sign of the end of days.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as God. Sorry!

Harumi said...

Actually, this phenomenon, where religions scoop up and mix in the rituals, beliefs and gods of older religions, appears in all the world religions. It's called religious syncretism.

Anonymous said...

Whats funny is that you refer to jesus as an actually being. Jesus, like all the other sun gods, are personifications, of the sun. Yes Paganism is the root of all religions. Yes the world is getting hotter, but it's naturual, not because of this other myth Global Warming. Yes the Rockefellers have been running the USA, and you have been voting for them. wtf, there is no spoon.

Anonymous said...

I think the point of the article was not to say that Christian Holidays have no meaning, but The Ancient Roman Catholic Church covered up these pagan holidays with their own. Faith comes from within and not from any form of religion.

Anonymous said...
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Jan said...

Didn't used to celebrate christmas before as an atheist there was no reason to celebrate what I believed to be a religious holiday.

Brian said...

If a Pope as early as Julius I of 350AD was willing to make political decisions to make Christianity more popular, like moving or absorbing holidays, what else could have been changed, adopted or fabricated in the process?

Stephen K said...

Brian, I strongly encourage you too read up on Constantine.
True Christians shouldn't celebrate these holidays, they hold no truth. Christianity has unfortunately been bastardized by Christendom through Satan's attempts to turn man's eyes from Jehovah. Jesus Christ is our king, but he is not God. It's all quite clever, really. What could be more sneaky than turning man from Jehovah by getting him to worship his son?

Freebies4You said...

Yup, I have to echo what redpandaimpostor said. Many of the Christian holidays were indeed placed on the dates of pagan holidays to help lessen the importance of the pagan holidays.


Andy Dan said...

very interesting. my friend natalie always told her that her name meant 'born on christmas day' I guess it actually just comes from the word birthday!

Anonymous said...

PAGANISM? wtf is that? that's the bloody syncretism to end all syncretisms. So what if Christianity is just some other version of paganism? In the big farking scope of things...does it matter? Probably not...but I guess some people are so bored with themselves its important to find the most annoying ways possible to engage people to keep themselves entertained.

boluti said...

jesus was not born at all, just as god does not exist!

fergie said...

Well did you know that Easter is named after a pagan month and or goddess. The anglo saxon world was full of events and names that have now become part of christain life. That is why it is so easy for us anglo-saxons to return to paganism without so much as batting an eyelid.

TRH said...

Fact-checking denies that Julius I was trying to placate pagans. In fact, the dispute was not whether to make Saturnalia the day of Christmas (which would have resulted in Christmas being on either Dec. 17, or Dec. 23, or perhaps the entire week of Dec 17-23, but certainly NOT Dec. 25). The dispute was whether or not the Epiphany was the date of Jesus' birth. Check out some history on the dispute, who was involved, and the dates:

And the whole Yule tie-in? It's as unlikely that the Bishop of Rome would have given much thought to the celebration dates of pagans in the far north who had little to do with Rome. It would be like the President of the United States asking the Inuit when the federal election should be held.

Che said...

Jesus was born on the 19th of September 0000, at about 05:12 hours. 1.3 kilos.

He was a healthy boy, showing no complications, despite the insalubrious nature of his birth.
(We think his early exposure to bacteria, farm animals and foreigners reinforced his immune system.)

He grew up to be an average child,
not talented for carpentry, with a pronounced attitude problem.

He has parental issues, thinking his father is not his real father.

We are worried about Jesus' involvement in local gangs - specifically the "Disciples" gang he hangs with, that seem hellbent on challenging the authority of Roman law and the local sheriff.

In conclusion, although Jesus is a good boy, we worry he might be led astray by unsavoury elements in the Galileen gang, that might lead him to serious judicial problems.

Ponty Pilay,
Youth Rehabilitation Officer,

Imran said...

Paganism defined:
"one of a people or community observing a polytheistic (multiple gods) religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks."

The word of God was sent down to Jesus - Jesus was a messenger of God. Read the Old Testament - find me one line where Jesus said he was God or that he was the son of God. Jesus never claimed to be God - his message was changed. He told people to be "Christ-like" not to worship Christ.

"Christians" changed the word of God - not only did they pray to God, but they took Jesus as their lord and then added the Holy Ghost to make an unexplainable, Divne Trinity. That is three - not one, but three. Three gods = polytheism = paganism.

It is not surprise that they celebrate pagan holidays - the whole concept of Christianity is based on paganism (i.e. praying to multiple Gods through various rituals, and idolatry (the cross) and images of Jesus and Mary.)

FYI - The symbol of the Cross comes from the original Zodiac Calendar - it was derived from the cross in the middle of the circular image of the calendar.

It all links back to ancient pagan rituals.

There is only ONE GOD, Jesus is not the Lord - Jesus was the messenger of the Lord, as was Abraham, Noah, Solomon, David, Moses etc.

Anonymous said...

This blog in general? Ought to refer to the "Intellectual Collapse Within America".

chris said...

Wow, can't wait till the author learns where Easter eggs come from...

Bahramerad said...

Mithras was a persian Godess _ The Mother God -

Bahramerad said...

Imran ....
You are wrong.
There are as many Gods as there are humans.
We all carry the seeds of creation inside us ( our DNA ).We are all Gods.
The concept of "One God" is imposible.

Bob Tilley said...

Jesus has a rebelious teenager who was dissatisfied with Middle-Eastern life. He journeyed to India, learned yogic/Hindu philosophy, and returned to the Middle East to spread his learnings. Most tenets of "Christianity" mirror those of Hinduism. The rulers at the time felt threatened by his increasing power and killed him. End of story. Jesus was a teacher. Jesus was a man with a beautiful message. Look inside yourself and you will find the same message.

Andrew Van said...

Actually, Christmas has ALWAYS been a Christian holiday, the fact that it is on the same date as when a Roman has absolutely nothing to do with its religious affiliation. Dies Natalis Solis Invicti was the Roman holiday on Dec. 25th, that is a Roman holiday, and it is not called "Christmas". Therefore your entire statement, sir, is wrong. If you had said, "The date Christmas is on is not when Jesus was born, but is actually when the Romans used to have a holiday" your statement would have been correct. But since you said "Christmas was not originally a christian holiday" you have opened yourself to endless humiliation. Christmas has always been a Christian holiday, the DAY used to have a different name, which was Roman. But as you said, "In the year 350 A.D., Pope Julius I declared that "Christ’s birth" would be celebrated on December 25th from then on." So the Pope created Christmas right then. Therefore it is impossible for Christmas to have been a Roman holiday as it had just been created with Christian roots.

J. said...

"Actually, Christmas has ALWAYS been a Christian holiday"

Your argument is silly, at best. To be really nitpicky, you would have to ammend your 'correction' to: "Christmas used to be called something else, but the early church subjegated most of the practices into 'Christmas'".

So, before someone called walking really fast "running" everyone in creation maxed out a trot? No...they ran, just because someone hadn't called it that yet does not change the underlying actions.

My family has a monthly tradition. We have no name for this, so obviously there is no tradition. And if next month, we decide to call it "Family Night" then we never, ever got together as a family for an evening before that moment that I came up with the term?

I could call your argument "arguing symantics" but I think that is even being a little too generous.

So, to clarify this for the author...before Pope X said "Christmas" there was no annual wintertime celebration, at the end of December that had trappings like a decorated evergreen tree, mistletoe, stockings, fat faries (was he a "saint" at this point or not? can't remember when the word "saint" was coined...) delivering presents around the world...

Andrew Van said...

No, I said Christmas has always been Christian. Dies Natalis Solis Invicti was what was before Christmas and that wasn't Christian. So to put it in your terms let me answer a question of yours.

So, before someone called walking really fast "running" everyone in creation maxed out a trot?

No, before someone called walking really fast "running" there was a different word for it.

So, before someone called Dec. 25th "Christmas" everyone in creation thought there was no holiday?

No, before someone called Dec. 25th "Christmas" everyone in the Roman empire celebrated Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

Before there was Christmas there was Dies Natalis Solis Invicti.

Here are some points for you.

1. Christmas is a Christian holiday.

2. Before Christmas was Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, which was not Christian.

3. The Pope started Christmas as a Christian holiday.

4. If someone starts something as a Christian holiday, it is impossible for it to have ever been not a Christian holiday.

And even though you are whining about my fix for the title, the title that I came up with is 100% more accurate than the title used.

Though the holiday before Christmas was not Christian, Christmas has always been a Christian holiday.

Joshua said...

Christianity given how old it is comparatively toward pagan and Egyptology had a plentiful source of material to twist and make it's own. The number of direct comparisons to ancient Egypt are staggering. As it was mentioned previously, Zeitgeist is the documentary to see that will provide verifiable evidence of this. It's really no shock, that Christianity is just a dumbed down hallmark 2 hour special removing the threat of female power and simplifying ancient astrology to the point that the very thing that it apposed "idol worship" was doing it with Mary the mother of Jesus. Catholics claim that Mary is not worshipped, however she appears predominately in the artwork. But catholics won't have you believe that Mary is more represented as she is a woman. What would the the world be without the male ego and it's fragility to continue to Mascagni's and call it gods divinity. FYI I'm not a woman, or pro feminist, just telling it like it is, I mean we have over 10,000 years of written history from all over the world to support this.

JoJo said...

Kudos to Stephen K!

WriterWriter said...




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Emily said...

1. Stop spamming me.

2. Your "it would be too cold" theory doesn't really work - Jesus was born in the MIDDLE EAST.

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Liz said...

I've known about religions usurping pagan holidays. I've taught my child that Christmas is a mixing of two different celebrations. Unfortunately the religious name is used to cover both events. I have a respect for religion and an understand about the history of conquering nations taking over cultures but I get angry when some churches get pissed because I am doing Rudolph or Santa and not Jesus. I just want them to butt out. It's them that called the pagan part Christmas, not the pagans. They are the ones responsible for this controversy!

Karl said...

the majority of responses are PROOF that the fall of man is eminent
the massive lack of morality and sensibility.

Your Religion- self importance- you chose to see your self as more important than creation itself. You choose to ignore any data that may counter your theology. You are a BRICK.

Fact, whether an external god exists or not, the fact that people think there is has resulted in the constitution of the usa, abolition of slavery, and so on, Why bash them? Let them be, to continue to provide the culture that allows everyone to speak freely,
Why do the folks benefiting form the Christian bought freedom feel so strongly about bashing in such a hateful way?

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Skeeter Sanders said...

As a journalist-turned-blogger, this is old news to me, as I wrote my own, more comprehensive article in 2005 on "The Pagan Roots of Christmas" -- from the perspective of a modern Pagan, namely me. I've posted an updated version of my article every Yuletide since.

You can read the 2008 edition here at:

A Blessed Yule to you all, and a Happy New Year.

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