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Atheists Sue To Remove "So Help Me God" From The Inauguration

A broad coalition of atheists and humanists has filed a lawsuit to remove the words "so help me God" from the end of Barack Obama's oath of office at the inauguration.

CNN is also reporting that the lawsuit seeks to prevent Rev. Rick Warren and Rev. Joseph Lowery from delivering an invocation and a benediction at the ceremony.

The driving force behind this lawsuit is atheist activist Michael Newdow.

Newdow filed similar suits over inauguration ceremonies in 2001 and 2005 that were ultimately unsuccessful.

Those joining Newdow in this lawsuit include the American Humanist Association, the Freedom from Religion Foundation and other atheist groups from Minnesota, Washington and Florida.

The reality is that America has been rejecting God for a long time and has tried to eliminate every reference to God from public life.

If only America would change course and turn back to God.

If only America would put 2 Chronicles 7:14 into action.....

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Expect Great Things From God - Attempt Great Things For God

It is very easy to get caught up in our own lives and to forget the huge masses of humanity that live in other parts of the world. The following numbers were emailed to us recently, and they are really something to think about:


According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, there are approximately 1 billion Muslims, over 650 million Hindus, over 300 million Buddhists, over 200 million followers of Chinese folk religion, in addition to the world's 1.6 billion nominal Christians.


There are a LOT of people out there who are trapped in darkness, and a lot of people who need our help and prayers. Even though Christianity is the largest "religion" in the world (at 1.6 billion people), a lot of those people just call themselves "Christians" but never go to church and never pick up a Bible. For many people these days it is just a "cultural" thing.

The reality is that there are more people alive today than ever before. That also means there is more of an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people than ever before.

Eternity hangs in the balance for literally billions of people.

What an opportunity!

Let us pray for open doors!

As one very famous missionary once said.....

"Expect Great Things From God - Attempt Great Things For God"

Transhumanism: Improving Humans Through Genetic Modification?

If you have not heard of transhumanism yet, you will soon. The science of genetic engineering is now so advanced that many scientists are now calling on humans to "direct" or "improve" their own "evolution".

A shocking new article by NewScientist has this attention getting headline - "Genetically modified humans: Here and more coming soon".

Among other things that article discusses is how a research team in the U.K. is actually experimenting with creating three parent embryos.

How would you like to have 3 parents?


This comes at a time when news is coming out that the U.K.'s first designer baby is being born.

Of course they make it sound really great. The mother was able to pick an embryo that is very unlikely to develop breast cancer. Who would be mean enough to be against that?

That is how they always introduce these things.

They make it sound like they are saving lives and preventing disease.

They make it sound wonderful.

But what about choosing embryos with blue eyes and blonde hair over other embryos?

Wouldn't choosing children who look more appealing give them a better chance for a happier life?

Consider the questions that are raised about this issue in the following video.....

But many scientists want to take all of this far beyond just picking out the "best" human genes.

It is now scientifically possible to take genes from plants and animals and to put them into humans.

Do you want a stronger human?

It can be done.

Do you want a human that can glow in the dark?

They have already done it with fish and cats.

One of the scariest things of all is that now amateurs are trying genetic engineering at home.

It is crazy but it is true.

Bio engineer wannabes are sitting around their kitchens and living rooms and are creating entirely new lifeforms in the name of science.

Does anyone realize how dangerous this all is?

Hopefully someone does.

Proponents of this "biotechnology" believe that we are guiding our own "evolution" and that we are creating a better world for the future.

But they are so, so wrong.

The reality is that we are creating a world of cross-species freakazoids that will soon run rampant throughout society. Once all of these mutant creatures start breeding with the general population there will never, ever be a chance to put the genie back inside the bottle.

Why Did The "Santa Slayer" Shoot An 8 Year Old Girl In The Face?

What would cause 45 year old Bruce Jeffrey Prado to walk into a Christmas party dressed up as Santa Claus and start shooting at everyone there?

When Prado first got to the house where the party was being held, an 8 year old girl opened the door.

He shot her in the face.

How sick is that?

Apparently after Prado had shot everyone he could he set the house on fire.

Now a ninth body has been pulled out of the charred wreckage.

All of the bodies that have been recovered have been burned beyond recognition and have not been identified.

One neighbor told the Associated Press that she witnessed one teenage boy running from the house screaming, "They shot my family."

Who in the world would do such a twisted thing as this?

Apparently Prado was having marital problems.

There are some reports that his wife was at the party, but this has not been confirmed.

So because your marriage goes bad, you dress up as Santa Claus, go to a Christmas party and shoot an 8 year old girl in the face and start gunning down everyone there, and then you set the place on fire and you ultimately shoot yourself?

That doesn't make sense to a normal person.

But times are far from normal.

The reality is that the United States has rejected the Lord God and when a nation does that, then things start falling apart everywhere.

In the absence of morality, events such as this "Santa Slayer" episode occur with increasing frequency.

The truth is that we now fit the description of how humanity will be in the last days that we find in 2 Timothy 3:1-4.....

"But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God"

Our World Is Changing Faster Than It Ever Has Before

The pace of change in the modern world is so incredibly rapid that most of the time it seems like a blur.

Posted below is an absolutely stunning video on the accelerating progression of technology and change in our modern society, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Bronman.

Our world is changing more rapidly than it ever has in all of recorded history, and this short video does an amazing job of demonstrating that fact.

While you are watching this video, think about how not only is our technology changing so rapidly but also that the beliefs and morality of the people of the world are being changed more rapidly than ever before.

We were absolutely stunned by some of the incredible facts in this video.

Did you know all of this stuff?:

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The War On Christmas Is Really A War On Christianity

This year it seems as though the "war on Christmas" is more intense than ever.

But it isn't a war on Christmas.

All of these people who are vandalizing nativity scenes or who are bringing lawsuits to keep the "baby Jesus" off of public property or who are buying anti-Christian ads on buses are not attacking Santa Claus, Christmas trees or the yearly orgy of overspending on Christmas gifts.

That is because it is not a war on "Christmas" at all.

It is a war on Christianity.

For example, a 6th-grader's teacher recently told him that Jesus could not be mentioned in a Christmas poem that he was writing for class.

The teacher did not object to anything else about the Christmas poem - only that Jesus was in it.

The teacher honestly believed that mentioning Jesus was not permitted in school.

This is the poem that caused all the problems: "The best Christmas ever is when everyone is there. It is when everyone is laughing here and there. That is the Christmas I want to share. Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. About peace on Earth. This is what Christmas is about. It is when He lay in a manger. And the three wise men come to see. That's what it means to me."

Another example is Amsterdam's "gay Christmas" that features the virgin Mary in drag.

Think about that again.

A "virgin Mary" who is actually a man dressed in drag.

The truth is that we are seeing a dramatic increase in those who seem to revel in mocking and desecrating the things of the Bible.

When people stick to Rudolph and Santa and pretty wreaths and bows nobody bothers them.

But when people start trying to bring Christ into Christmas it gets a lot of people really upset.


The truth is that the nations of the world are rejecting God and are rejecting His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and they totally want to eliminate everything godly out of public life.

Unfortunately, the persecution of Christians is only going to get worse.

In times such as these it will be important to keep the words of Jesus in John 15:18 in mind.....

"If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first."

52% Of U.S. Christians Believe Jesus Is Not The Only Way To Heaven

It's official. Two major surveys are showing that the majority of American Christians believe that accepting Jesus Christ as savior is NOT the only way to eternal life.

USAToday is reporting on an almost unbelievable new survey that has found that 52 percent of American Christians believe that eternal life is not exclusively for those who accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

A different survey that was taken earlier this year by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 57 percent of evangelical Christians in America believe that "many religions can lead to eternal life".

That shocking study revealed what many Christians have known for quite some time - apostasy among "evangelical Christians" is spreading, and it is spreading rapidly.

Evangelical Christians are supposedly those who follow the teachings of the Bible the closest. But this survey shows that even a majority of them do not even believe in the most fundamental precepts of the Christians faith.

For example, John 14:6 says the following:

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

If there was another way for our sins to be forgiven, then why did Jesus need to die on the cross? If there were other ways to salvation, then Jesus could have come down to earth, pointed out a bunch of other ways to get to heaven, and then could have gone back up to heaven without having to deal with the cross.

But the reality is that there was no other way for our sins to be paid for.

And yet these new surveys reveal that a majority of American Christians now believe that there are other ways to heaven.

The Pew survey also revealed that 45% of Americans as a whole say they seldom or never read their religion's holy books.

Perhaps if more Americans were reading the Bible then they would know what is truth and what is error. Instead, Americans have surrounded themselves with preachers and self-help coaches and ministers who tell them what they want to hear, who always make them feel comfortable and who never tell them about sin, holiness or the judgment of God.

The current situation in America reminds us of 2 Timothy 4:3.....

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

Economic Crisis Forcing Americans To Do Unusual Things For Money

In the economic collapse that we are in the middle of, many Americans are finding that it is not enough just to cut back on spending or work a few extra hours to make ends meet.

Many Americans are finding that they have to do unusual things that they may not want to do in order to have enough money in these times.

Yes, more Americans are selling their blood and selling their hair and are signing up to become human guinea pigs in science experiments.

But some Americans are even going beyond those extremes.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that more women than ever are applying to donate eggs or to serve as surrogate mothers for infertile couples.

What a young woman can expect to earn for being a surrogate mother is about $25,000.

Those women who become egg donors can expect to be paid about $3,000 to $8,000 according to the Wall Street Journal.

The economic downturn has other Americans switching to survival mode. Sales of storable food and guns has reached a fever pitch as some people are clearly preparing for the worst.

The current financial crisis is even forcing some wealthy Americans to pawn their designer belongings.

Even in Beverly Hills, wealthy Americans are pawning fine art, designer watches and diamond encrusted jewelry.

The reality is that when economic times get harder people start feeling more pressure.

So what will Americans do under pressure?

If a mob of shoppers trampled a Wal-Mart worker to death just to get some "good deals" on the morning after Thanksgiving, what will they do when they have no jobs and they start running out of food?

In 2 Timothy 3:1-5, the Scriptures tell us what people will be like in the last days, and the pictures is not pretty.....

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power.

Pagans Celebrated Dec. 25th BEFORE Christmas Was Invented

Most Americans think that December 25th became a holiday when Catholics decided to make that day the celebration of the birth of Christ. But that is just not true. Before Christmas was ever invented, December 25th was known as "the birthday of the unconquered sun" and it was celebrated as the birthday of pagan gods such as Mithras, Attis, Sol, Dionysus and others.

Most Americans also do not realize that Yule is the name of a major pagan holiday that is celebrated today by thousands upon thousands of people around the world.

In fact, a major U.K. newspaper recently had this headline: Ancient Yule festivals lie behind much of our British Christmas.

Yule was celebrated by the pagans of northern Europe from late December to early January for centuries. When you offer "yuletide" greetings you are acknowledging this celebration. Yule logs were traditionally lit to honor the god "Thor". The holiday would continue until the Yule log burned out, which could take as many as twelve days. Thus this is where we get the "12 days of Christmas". Even an early form of Santa Claus can all be traced back to ancient Yule celebrations.

Another one of the pagan pre-Christian festivals was called Saturnalia.

Saturnalia was a holiday when the Romans commemorated the dedication of the temple of their god Saturn, which was on the 17th of December and the festival would last for a whole week until the 23rd of December.

Later on, the Romans also started holding a festival on December 25 called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, which means "the birthday of the unconquered sun."

In the year 350 A.D., Pope Julius I declared that "Christ’s birth" would be celebrated on December 25th from then on.

Apparently his rationale was that he was trying to make it easier for pagan Romans to convert to Christianity.

But Jesus was not born on December 25th.

It would have been way too cold for shepherds to be out with their sheep at night during that time.

The truth is that is can be demonstrated that Jesus was most likely born during the Feast of Tabernacles.

Are you ready for more stuff you didn't know about Christmas?

Watch this video:

Making Christmas "Less Offensive" And "More Inclusive"

Today there is more pressure than ever on Christian churches to make Christmas "less offensive" and to try to make it "more inclusive" to people of other religions.

The Church of England is even coming out with Politically correct versions of Christmas carols in an effort not to offend people this holiday season.

Some of the words that have been censored out of traditional carols include "king", "son" and "virgin".

The famous carol "O Come All Ye Faithful" has also been changed. "O come let us adore Him" has been changed in one U.K. church to "O come in adoration", because it was feared that the original version was sexist.

But it isn't just the Church of England that is afraid of offending people this Christmas. One woman was actually told to take down the Christmas decorations around her home because they might be offending non-Christian neighbors.

What kind of world will it be when people can't put up decorations anymore? Whatever happened to freedom of expression?

Meanwhile, Anglicans are doing everything they can to include other religions in their holiday displays. Hindu snowmen and a Chinese dragon will be included in two different Christmas displays in an attempt to make Christmas more "inclusive" of other religions. The Hindu snowmen will be dressed in turbans and will have bindi dots on their foreheads.


Will Hindus and Muslims start including Jesus Christ in their holiday displays?

I certainly doubt it.

These stories remind us of what Jesus said in Mark 8:38.....

If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father's glory with the holy angels.

But the truth is that December 25 was a pagan holiday long before the institutional church ever celebrated it as "Christmas". If you do not know about the origins of Christmas, the following video will definitely open your eyes:

Newsweek Magazine Publishes A Cover Story That Declares That The Bible Condones And Promotes Gay Marriage

Some of the most powerful institutions in our society are telling us what we should think about gay marriage.

The folks over at Newsweek magazine has certainly made their feelings known on this issue.

Many of us read Newsweek on a regular basis growing up. It has been one of the most cherished news weeklies for decades.

Well, Newsweek magazine has actually published a cover story entitled "Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy" that declares that the Bible not only condones but actually promotes gay marriage.

The lead in to the article says this:

"Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side."

It seems as though the debate over this issue has reached a boiling point.

Even the Roman Catholics are changing.

The head of the Vatican press office has announced that the Roman Catholic Church is against outlawing homosexual behavior, although it remains opposed to same sex marriages.

All of these events have caused us to reflect on this piece of Scripture:

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.
-2 Timothy 4:3

A New Study Reveals That Sexual Perversion Among Teens Is On The Rise

ABC News is reporting on a new study that apparently shows that sexual perversion among American teens is very much on the rise.

Wasn't "sex education" supposed to prevent all that?

Wasn't passing out condoms supposed to teach our teens to be "safe and responsible"?

The truth is that if we don't teach our young people the Word of God then this is how they behave.

This is NOT how life was like 50 or 100 years ago.

America has changed and things are getting worse - not better.

America you need to wake up.

1%: The Percentage Of British Women Who Want To Wait For Marriage To Have Sex

A stunning new poll on sexual behavior in the U.K., conducted by the magazine More, has produced some mind blowing results. The poll found that young British women are more promiscuous than young British men, and it also found that the average 21 year old British woman has had nine sexual partners compared with seven for men.

But perhaps the most shocking result from the survey of 2,000 young British women was that just 1 percent of them said that they would want to get married before having sex.

One percent.

So that means 99 percent would prefer to have sex before they get married.

Apparently societal norms about sexuality have now been completely reversed.

This is just another indication that we are in the times that the Bible calls the last days. In 2 Timothy 3:1-4, the Scriptures describe what people will be like during those times:

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God

The truth is that the modern world has rejected God and His ways.

Perhaps these young women would have been better off choosing to keep themselves pure. The poll also revealed that 16 percent of the young women have already contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

There are reasons why God gives us the rules that He does.

But are we listening?

George W. Bush: The Bible Is "Probably Not" Literally True

In an absolutely stunning new interview, President George W. Bush publicly said that the Bible is "probably not" literally true, that he prays to the same God that other major religions do and that he believes the scientific proof for evolution.

When asked if he believed that the Bible was literally true, President Bush responded this way:

"Probably not. No, I'm not a literalist, but I think you can learn a lot from it."

This interview will come as a disappointment to many evangelical Christians who rabidly supported Bush through two rocky terms as president.

The reality is that George W. Bush's religious beliefs are not compatible with evangelical Christianity.

For example, President George W. Bush has openly said many times that Christians, Muslims and all other religions pray to the same God. In stunning public statements, Bush has admitted that he prays to the God of Islam, that non-Christians and Muslims will go to heaven and that he has "nothing but praise" for Islam.

You don't believe this?

President Bush has been very open about these things.

Charles Gibson of ABC interviewed President George W. Bush and the topic of religion came up during the interview.....

CHARLES GIBSON:Do we all worship the same God, Christian and Muslim?

PRESIDENT BUSH:I think we do.


PRESIDENT BUSH:We have different routes of getting to the Almighty.

(Later in the interview.....)

CHARLES GIBSON:Do Christians and non-Christians and Muslims go to heaven in your mind?

PRESIDENT BUSH:Yes, they do. We have different routes of getting there.

But it wasn't just during the Charles Gibson interview that Bush declared himself to be a universalist.....

In a stunning interview with Al Arabiya television, Bush said, "I believe in an almighty God, and I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God."

During that same interview Bush also said, "I believe there is a universal God. I believe the God that the Muslim prays to is the same God that I pray to. After all, we all came from Abraham. I believe in that universality."

During one trip to Iraq, Bush reportedly made this statement: "I want you to convey this message to Mr. Sistani. Tell him that I pray to the same god he prays to... Tell Sistani I have nothing but praise for your religion."

Now does any of that sound "Christian" to you?

According to George W. Bush, Jesus must have been mistaken in John 14:6.....

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

The truth is that George W. Bush has always rejected even the most basic Christian beliefs.

Evangelical Christians were conned into thinking that Bush was "one of them" - the reality is that he isn't one of them and he never was.

Religious People Should Never Look Down On Others

Imagine this: You wake up one day and notice that all the big networks are airing a 2 hour documentary in prime time that night starring YOU. You are excited because you think that now you will be world famous, but your excitement turns to horror as you discover that the 2 hour documentary will be revealing all of the most horrible, disgusting and wicked things you ever thought, did and said.

If you are like most people, you would want to run away from society forever and never come back.


The truth is that ALL of us have done evil. We all have done disgusting and horrible things we would never want the world to know. We like to think of ourselves as "good", but all of us know that if our private thoughts, our private actions and our most wicked deeds were televised around the world it would expose us as we really are.

So no person, religious or otherwise, should ever look down on someone else.

Hopefully the readers of this blog don't think that we are sitting up on our high horse looking down on others.

As we document the increasing wickedness of America, the reality is that it is not because we have it all together either. The Scriptures say that ALL have sinned and that ALL need the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, some people have kind of done the opposite and have made "do not judge" into a rule that says that nobody can ever say anything that anyone does is wrong.

But that is not what being judgmental means.

It is not being judgmental to say what the law is.

It IS being judgmental to determine if someone in particular is breaking that law.

For example, saying "do not commit adultery" is not being judgmental.

But sitting there and thinking that someone is cheating on their spouse when you don't know that for a fact is being judgmental.

Do you see the difference?

The reality is that we will all stand before God someday and He will judge us.

Since all of us have sinned, that puts us in a very bad position.

But the good news is that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins on the cross.

If we will invite Jesus into our lives, God will forgive our sins and will give us eternal life.

But if we refuse Christ's payment for our sin, then we will have to pay for our own sin.

Those who have received Christ and are saved don't have any reason to look down on others. We have simply reached out for a "life preserver" and we should be thankful for the amazing mercy of God.

Let us all tell the news of the great mercy of God to as many people as we can.

Support For Gay Marriage Is Surging Among Americans

Raw Story is reporting on a new poll that reveals that support for gay marriage is rapidly increasing among people all across the United States.

In the results of the new poll, 55 percent of Americans favor "civil unions" or "civil partnerships", while only 40 percent were in favor of them in 2004.

When asked about gay marriage, 39 percent of Americans supported full "marriage" rights for gay couples.

This is still not a majority, but it is significantly higher than the 33 percent figure that the poll reported for that question in 2004.

So, while gay marriage is still illegal in almost all areas of the United States, the reality is that the attitude of Americans is quickly shifting in favor of gay marriage.

Should we be surprised?

Well, the truth is that the media is overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage. So is the education system. So is Hollywood.

Just think of the last time you saw a movie or a television show that portrayed gay marriage as a bad thing. You can't think of one, can you?

Can you think of any celebrities that are openly against gay marriage?

Can you think of any celebrities that are for gay marriage? Of course you can. Almost all of the most prominent celebrities are very openly in favor of gay marriage.

The reality is that the institutions of influence - the media, the education system and the entertainment industry are overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage.

Every day these institutions reach millions upon millions of people, especially young people, with their message.

So America will continue to move in the direction of full acceptance of gay marriage.

If America continues to refuse to turn back to God then it is only a matter of time.

There Are Half A Million Frozen Babies Sitting In Fertility Clinics Across The United States

The other day an article in USAToday left us totally stunned.

The article described how there are approximately half a million frozen embryos sitting around in storage in fertility clinics across the United States.

Half a million frozen babies.

Just sitting there.

According to USAToday, only about two-thirds of the "owners" of these embryos said they were ever likely to use them.

So what is going to happen to all of the leftover embryos?

According to the article, more than half of the "parents" of these embryos responding to a survey said that they were "very unlikely" to donate their "extra embryos" to another couple trying to have a baby.

What the survey did find was that the most popular option was donating the embryos for research.

How sick is that?

Just think about that.

There are already a half million frozen babies sitting around in clinics and that number is increasing all the time.

A huge portion of these embryos will never be used by the "parents", and the most popular option for "disposing" of these embryos appears to be donating them for "research".

The truth is that the United States has rejected the value of human life in a multitude of ways.

We have thrown God's ways to the side and we have embraced our own "wisdom" in the name of convenience.

It is time for America to wake up and to realize the tremendous sins against human life that are being committed all across the nation:

Atheists & Witches On The March - Catholics In Retreat

For many religious organizations this time of the year is supposed to be a very holy time. But when we scan recent news headlines what do we find? We find atheists and witches on the march and Catholics in full retreat.

One atheist group has been permitted to post an anti-religion sign next to a Christian nativity scene and a "holiday tree" in a display in the state capitol of the state of Washington. A portion of the atheist message on the sign reads: "There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

Who ever thought we would see a day when messages such as that become part of holiday displays?

Signs such as the one at the top of this article are becoming increasingly common throughout America.

The atheists in Kentucky have been busy too.

Kentucky atheists are suing to get God out of homeland security. Don't they have anything better to do this time of the year?

Apparently they are determined to make sure that God does not protect us.

Meanwhile, although the economy is getting worse, business is booming for psychics, astrologers and witches. With times getting tough, more Americans than ever are seeking supernatural help from sources other than God.

So are the major religious organizations fighting back?

Instead of fighting for truth, most of them seem to be in full retreat.

For example, Catholic bishops in the U.K. are actually calling for Muslim prayer rooms to be opened in all private Catholic schools.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Catholic bishops are actually requesting that Muslim prayer rooms be created in CATHOLIC schools.

What in the world?

Not only that, but Catholic bishops are apparently ordering priests in the U.K. to be more welcoming to gay worshippers.

Apparently someone in the Vatican wants to make sure that priests do not make any homosexuals in attendance feel uncomfortable.

Other religious organizations are a big mess as well.

For instance, the split in the Episcopal church is getting worse. It is a disgrace to see the Episcopal church fall apart in front of the whole world.

The truth is that wickedness is advancing on all fronts. Did you know that Barack Obama has selected the head of a well-known abortion activist group to be his White House communications director? Things like this happen so frequently now that they don't even get noticed.

Hopefully this last story will shock you all a bit. A New York City survey has revealed that almost ten percent of men who say they're straight have sex ONLY with other men. The survey also found that 10% of all married men reported same-sex sexual behavior during the past year.

10 percent of married men.

The world is changing my friends.

Americans Are So Addicted To Porn That 25% View It At Work

Americans are apparently more addicted to porn than ever before. The internet has made access to pornography easier than ever before in American history, and instead of getting bored with it, Americans seem to want more of it than ever. In fact, an increasing number of Americans are not even waiting to get home to view it.

Newsweek is reporting the results of a new survey that reveal that 25 percent of American employees who have internet access visit porn websites while they are at work.

So if you are in an office with at least 3 coworkers, the odds are that one person is looking at porn while they are at work.

But should we be surprised?

The truth is that the United States is completely addicted to pornography.

Did you realize that.....

89% of porn is created in America?

$2.84 billion in revenue was generated from U.S. porn sites in 2006?

89 dollars is spent on porn every single second of the day?

260 new porn sites go online every day?

Porn revenue is larger than all of the COMBINED revenues of all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises in the United States?

A survey of "Promise Keeper" men revealed that 53% of them had viewed pornography in the last week?

The number of pornographic websites is over 4.2 million (12% of total websites), and that those websites get over 40 million visits per day?

25% of all search engine requests are related to porn?

More than 70% of men between the ages of 18 and 34 visit a pornographic site in a typical month?

For more absolutely stunning statistics about porn in America check this site out:

What do you think about America's fascination with porn? Feel free to leave us a comment with your opinion.

The Vatican Is Warning Catholic Priests Not To Offend Gay Worshippers

In a story that has not been widely reported by the mainstream media, the Vatican has issued a warning to Catholic priests against using language that might "offend" gay and lesbian worshipers.

In a stunning memo, Catholic bishops are telling priests not to assume that every person attending their services is a heterosexual. This represents a fundamental change on the part of the Catholic organization.

Catholic priests are also being encouraged to put up posters advertising "support services" for homosexuals, and to do whatever they can to make them feel welcome.

English gay rights activist Peter Tatchell said the following about this memo:

"It's sympathetic, understanding message is a big improvement on the past homophobia of some Catholic pronouncements on homosexuality."

What do you all think about this change by the Catholics? Feel free to leave a comment below.

New Poll - American Teens Lie, Cheat And Steal More Than Ever

A new survey has revealed that 30 percent of U.S. high school students have stolen from a store and 64 percent of them have cheated on a test during the past year.

This was a very, very large poll. The Josephson Institute polled 29,760 students in 100 randomly selected high schools nationwide. So this survey represents a very large sampling of American teens.

The survey also revealed some other troubling findings:

*36 percent of the teens said that they used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment.

*42 percent of the teens said they sometimes lie to save money.

* But 93 percent of the teens said that they were satisfied with their personal ethics and character.

They must have pretty low standards.

But what do we expect?

One recent demographic study found that out of the 40 hours a week of free time the average American is said to have, a typical woman spends about 15 hours watching television and only a single hour on religion. That study also found that among men the time devoted to religion is even less.

So if that is how we approach our lives, should we expect more from our children?

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