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A New Study Reveals That Sexual Perversion Among Teens Is On The Rise

ABC News is reporting on a new study that apparently shows that sexual perversion among American teens is very much on the rise.

Wasn't "sex education" supposed to prevent all that?

Wasn't passing out condoms supposed to teach our teens to be "safe and responsible"?

The truth is that if we don't teach our young people the Word of God then this is how they behave.

This is NOT how life was like 50 or 100 years ago.

America has changed and things are getting worse - not better.

America you need to wake up.


Benhayil said...

Wow. Am I glad I found this blog! This should provide hours of laughter. Kids weren't like this 100 years ago? That's hilarious. The only difference between now and then is technology - people are no different. It's just that 100 years ago you didn't have TV, and cell phones, and youtube, and radio to bombard you with with news of all the people having sex.

The same precentage of kids were having pre-marital sex back then as they are now, you just didn't hear about it back then. Further more, it' been like that since the first tribes of men lost their tails and strolled out of the jungles on 2 feet.

You know what hasn't changed? God. He knew it was going on then and he knows it's going on now and he's not going to incinerate us over it because it's our nature. And you know why it's our nature? Because God made us that way.

It's pretty arrogant to think that your generation is somehow more special in God's eyes, somehow more deserving of God's rapture. It ain't gonna happen in your lifetime dude, or your chidren's, or your grandchildrens - the sun ain't gonna nova for another few billion years.

Get used to it.

The only way it's gonna happen earlier is if we let the religious nut-jobs in our country get control of our govenment & it's nukes.

Dude, you need to wake up!

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