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So What Are They Going To Do About Abortion?

(Guest article authored by Dave Webb)

Republicans often take the high ground with abortion being one of the platforms they are against. So how come since Roe vs Wade, none of them have accomplished much? I think it is political and used to get the churches behind them. Once abortion is not an issue, the churches might look at what else they are doing wrong. So all you church people voting Republican, might take that into account. Democrats run on the platform it is a woman's body, and therefore a woman's choice whether to abort or not. That is pure unadulterated smelly stuff straight from the Devil himself. Let's be blunt. Straighten out the PR language a little here. It is a woman's choice to kill another human being because she was too stupid to use birth control or it didn't work and she is now humiliated by being pregnant. It is her right because it is her body. She has the right to kill a baby. Don't sound so good when it is said that way, does it? You women out there that have done this are guilty of murder. That plain enough for you? Great PR job on that though, Democrats!

Then there is the question of competence. I have had many pregnant women around me. During the first 4 months of a woman being pregnant, there is a whole bunch of things going on. For one thing, there is an entire metabolism change necessary to accommodate a baby. This includes all kinds of things. Hormones change. Emotions change. Some women go through depression, a lot do. Some drive their mates crazy. They are up one day and down the next. It is like nothing a male can ever imagine. Okay, let us say you are going to go through this incredible painful experience that will last anywhere from 4 to 24 hours or more. Everything about your body is changing so rapidly you cannot even keep track of it. Your stomach gets larger. You can gain anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds. In 4-5 months you have to bring a baby out of your body through a channel that is way too small for the head. What would you do, men?

Given all those circumstances, if the choice is there, would you abort? Would you murder a baby?

Yet 2 hours afterwards, most women are very happy to hold that same little monster in their arms, breast feed it, give it all their life and all their love.

The problem is nature gives us hormones that go crazy. It isn't just women. Men have crazy hormones too. But we are not faced with the battleground that becomes a woman having a baby. I think during that time, a lot of women are crazy. Not bad crazy, just overwhelmed with it all. It is no wonder so many opt to end the pregnancy with an abortion. I make the case they are not responsible. They are going through a literal kind of hell during those months. I maintain the entire human race is responsible to that baby to give it a decent chance during pregnancy and afterwards give it a chance at life.

A lot of people lose sight of this. A lot want to abort any baby because of circumstances involved in becoming pregnant like rape. I agree with one thing. The rapist needs to be punished. I think the baby needs a chance at life.

Here is what happened in one case. The woman kept the baby. It was adopted. Later she married. It was only then that they found out that the baby was the only one she would ever have due to a medical condition. So her entire family line would have died out if she had aborted the innocent child. She eventually located the child and helped raise it as an “aunt”. That is an exception not the rule.

The cases are all individual and need individual judgment. But not from a person so blinded by emotion and fear, they have no clear idea what they are really doing. And that is why the abortionists are in business. I feel no woman in her right mind would murder a child. But I don't have to go through 9 months of agony. I am male.

If you want clear evidence that rape is an emotional crime, there are over 200 men in this country that were convicted in a court of law by 12 jurists that were later discovered to be innocent because of DNA testing. Even then, the courts were reluctant to release them and compensate them for wrongful conviction. I think the number is much higher than that. They are still being discovered and rooted out of the jails. How would you like to be convicted of a crime you didn't commit, lose 10 years of your life in prison? Only to discover when you are innocent, the state doesn't take responsibility for their actions! That is what is happening. These people will be ex-cons the rest of their life even though they were innocent of any wrong doing. The state tries to bargain with them to release themselves from liability. That is so wrong in so many ways.

What convicted them? They looked like the person that did the rape. The prosecution disobeyed numerous laws and got away with it during the trial because of the emotional overtones of the crime.

No action has ever been taken against the prosecutors. Wonder why? I would have them disbarred.

They should be disbarred for not following the very laws that make their existence possible. Often people lose sight of one thing in a court of law. We are all human. We all make mistakes. It is not about winning or losing a case. It is about finding out the truth of what happened and keeping innocent people from going to jail. Our people that wrote the constitution came from such a corrupted legal system in Europe. It spanned many countries. So they wrote a set of rules that allowed guilty people to go free if there was any doubt as to their guilt. Zealous prosecutors have made a farce out of that set of game rules. For that they should be punished. I think a warning is adequate the first time. The second time they should be disbarred. If elected they should be impeached. They know they are doing something wrong and they are well aware that nothing will happen to them under the current system of courts.

I think abortion is wrong in all cases. But I take the side of the silent and innocent child. Everything else is fixable. Nothing we can ever do or attempt to do can ever fix a violated person. Only a good church, only a good Christian religious follower has ever beat the psychological damage of a rape. The rage, the anger of ruin, the assault is not fixable. The only thing that works for a violated person is to talk it out, release the anger, forgive and seek no revenge(and that is really difficult to do) and I know very few people able to do it, then heal and get on with living.

Anger in some cases is a good thing. Most times when you are done wrong, the victim pays the penalty as much as the person that violates that person. It is the same with divorce, rape, assault, and any number of other things. That anger smolders for years. It is corrupting. It will eat the victim alive.

That is one reason why Jesus said to forgive. It is not easy to do. Years afterwards a person will still have the anger deep within themselves. It takes everything we have to change that. And still when you are not looking, that anger will come back to haunt you. I suggest only Jesus can help someone in that situation. Prayer helps.