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Too Far? - PC Game Allows Players To Gang Rape Women

Have video games gone too far? A PC game out of Japan that allows gamers to gang rape women inside the video game and then force them to have an abortion has been banned from

The game is called Rapelay, and in the game players are directed to sexually assault a mother and her two young daughters in an underground station. There is also an option for several players to gang up and perform a gang rape.

At one point in the game, the gamer is directed to force the woman who was raped to have an abortion. If the woman is allowed to give birth in the game, the woman throws the gamer's character under a train.

Originally, the game was only supposed to be released in Japan, but ended up being offered to consumers in the U.K. through Amazon Marketplace, but the game has now been banned and is no longer available.

But this incident really begs the question of how far is too far when it comes to sex and violence in these games.

For example, a game called 25 to Life "allows players to attack police with an arsenal of Molotov cocktails, broken bottles and baseball bats. When weapons fail, players make strategic moves using civilians as human shields."

Also, one recent Grand Theft Auto game actually contained explicit pornographic scenarios in which the gamer "literally directs the pornographic scenes - becomes an actor in porn scenes of explicit sexual activity."

The majority of all video games are marketed at teens and young adults.

They end up absorbing these scenes for hour after hour, and the sad reality is that what a person thinks about constantly is eventually what they start to become.

That is why we would be wise to heed the advice of Philippians 4:8.....

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

What do you think about this debate? Feel free to leave a comment.....

U.K. Parents Told To Avoid Morality When Giving Sex Talks To Their Children

A new pamphlet by the U.K. government is instructing parents to avoid any reference to morality when talking to them about sex. Rather, the pamphlet directs parents that any sex talks should be kept “light” to encourage teenagers to form their own views.

The pamphlet is named "Talking to Your Teenager About Sex and Relationships", and it will be distributed in pharmacies in the U.K. starting next month.

The following is one line from the new pamphlet.....

“Remember, though, that trying to convince them of what’s right and wrong may discourage them from being open.”

So should we teach our teens the difference between right and wrong?

Where has a generation of amoral sex education gotten us?

Let's take a look at some statistics.....

*In America today, one out of every four TEENAGE girls has at least one STD.

*For American teen girls who acknowledged being sexually active, the rate of infection is 40%.

*According to a study by the Health Department of New York City, 26 percent of all residents of New York City have herpes.

*In another new federal survey, more than 50 percent of both male and female 15 to 19 year old teenagers admit to having engaged in oral sex.

But some of the most shocking statistics come from a survey of American teen girls that Tyra Banks conducted.

More than 10,000 teenage girls and young women took part in an anonymous survey last summer on the website of "The Tyra Banks Show", and the results were absolutely shocking:

*On average, girls are losing their virginity at 15 years of age.

*14 percent of teens who are having sex say they’re doing it at school.

*52 percent of the respondents say they do not use protection when having sex.

*One in three says she fears having a sexually transmitted disease.

*24 percent of respondents with STDs say they still have unprotected sex.

*One in five girls says she wants to be a teen mom.

*One out of three respondents admits to having tried drugs.

So why is this happening?

This is what happens when a nation rejects God.

The only hope for you and your family is Yahshua (Jesus) the Son of the Living God.

This world does not have a bright future for you. But through the Messiah you can find forgiveness of sins, eternal life and more love and purpose than you could possibly imagine.....

Body Scanners That Reveal The Exact Form Of Your Body Underneath Your Clothing Are Now Going Into U.S. Airports

You might not be so eager to take that next flight after reading this.

"Body scanners" that give operators a very clear view of what is underneath your clothing have replaced metal detectors at Tulsa's airport.

We wanted to put up a picture of what these "body scans" look like, but we were hesitant because they actually do border on pornography. These body scans are the closest thing to viewing a person's naked body without actually seeing their skin.

But all in the name of "security", eh? Now to board a plane you have to subject yourself to having one or more "security" guards view the virtually naked form of your body.

Tulsa International Airport is just the first airport where these body scanners will be tested.

San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City will join the body scanning test in the next two months.

Are you as disturbed by this as we are? If so, please feel free to leave a comment.

Bristol Palin Says Sexual Abstinence For Teens Is "Not Realistic" On Fox News

In a stunning new interview with Fox News that will undoubtedly harm Sarah Palin's political standing with social conservatives, Bristol Palin said that she believes that abstinence is "not realistic".

When pressed for a reason why it is not realistic, Bristol Palin seemed to infer that it was because sexual activity among teens is now "more accepted".

Perhaps that is a twist on the more familiar "everyone else is doing it" excuse.

It was really a rather bizarre interview. Check out the video of Bristol Palin's stunning comments on Fox News.....

So is teen sexual abstinence really unrealistic?

Do we live in a world where our teens have no choice but to run around having sex with their classmates, getting pregnant and passing around sexually transmitted diseases in the process?

The truth is that when God tells us to do something, it is for our own good. When we violate God's laws there are consequences.

God tells us to stay pure until marriage for many reasons, and one of them is that staying pure protects our health.

STDs are exploding across our nation. Now, one out of every four TEENAGE girls has at least one STD.

That is unthinkable!

And for those teen girls who acknowledged having sex, the rate of infection is 40%.

Dr. Margaret Blythe, an adolescent medicine specialist at Indiana University School of Medicine and head of the American Academy of Pediatrics' committee on adolescence says that these figures are "overwhelming because you're talking about nearly half of the sexually experienced teens at any one time having evidence of an STD."

A nation full of sexual immorality is a nation full of sexual disease.

And did you know that a new study by the Health Department of New York City has found that 26 percent of all residents of New York City have herpes?

Now keep in mind.....that is only one sexually transmitted disease.

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, infectious syphilis, AIDS and many other disgusting sexual diseases are also running rampant in New York City and across the United States.

How in the world did America get to this point?

America violated the Word of God.

America broke God's Laws.

If everyone waited until marriage and kept sex inside of marriage, then these diseases would not be running rampant in the United States. But America thought it knew better, and America did things that way that it wanted, and now America is paying the price.

In a new federal survey, more than 50 percent of both male and female 15 to 19 year old teenagers admit to having engaged in oral sex.

Think about that for a while.

That is absolutely stunning.

More teenagers have practiced oral sex than have not.

These are young kids who have not even reached their 20th birthday yet.

Can the wickedness that is plaguing this nation get much worse?

What are we teaching our kids that they would act this way?

Have we completely failed them?

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the survey of American teen girls that Tyra Banks conducted totally stunned us.

More than 10,000 teenage girls and young women took part in an anonymous survey last summer on the website of "The Tyra Banks Show", and the results were absolutely shocking:

*On average, girls are losing their virginity at 15 years of age.

*14 percent of teens who are having sex say they’re doing it at school.

*52 percent of the respondents say they do not use protection when having sex.

*One in three says she fears having a sexually transmitted disease.

*24 percent of respondents with STDs say they still have unprotected sex.

*One in five girls says she wants to be a teen mom.

*One out of three respondents admits to having tried drugs.

One 16 year old girl that was interviewed on Tyra's show says that she had sex for the first time at 13 years of age. Since then, she says that she has had 9 sex partners and has contracted several sexually transmitted diseases, including genital herpes.

Is this any way for our teens to live?

Why do we insist on not teaching them to avoid these behaviors?

The truth is that our society has rejected God and His ways, so this is what we get.

We teach our children that they came from animals and that they can have sex whenever they want. We just suggest that they use a little "protection" (which actually is not much protection at all).

We have failed our teens.

The results speak for themselves.

The reality is that we are living in the last days, and our society is full of proud, wicked people who love to sin just like the Scriptures tell us:

2 Timothy 3:1-5

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.

Human Trafficking: The World's Forgotten Nightmare Is Getting Worse

A new report put out by the United Nations claims that most of the world is in denial about the horror of human trafficking. Instead of going away, human slavery is getting even worse and more widespread in the 21st century.

Exactly how many people are being trafficked?

The U.S. State Department says that there are 800,000 new victims each year, while the International Labor Organization claims that the number is actually about 2.5 million.

The executive director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio Maria Costa, had this to say about the report: "It's sick that we should even need to write a report about slavery in the 21st century."

Actress Mira Sorvino has been appointed as a U.N. goodwill ambassador to help Costa's agency fight human trafficking, and she had this to say about the human trafficking phenomenon: "Until a few years ago, I blissfully believed that slavery was a thing of the past.....Well, obviously I was terribly wrong."

According to the U.N. report, sexual exploitation accounts for 79 percent of human trafficking, while forced labor accounts for 18 percent.

So just who is being trafficked?

The report says that women are 66 percent of the victims, followed by young girls at 13 percent, men at 12 percent, and young boys at 9 percent.

And you know what makes this worse?

Sickos from the United States are fueling much of this.

The term "sex tourism" has actually become part of the English language over the past decade as thousands upon thousands of Americans (and Europeans too) have flown to foreign countries to have sex with these sex slaves. Often these sex slaves are only young boys or young girls.

Our world is becoming full of sickos and perverts just as 2 Timothy 3:1-4 warned us would happen in the last days before the return of Christ.....

"But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God"

Big Brother Health Care - Stimulus Bill Gives Feds Total Control Of Your Medical Care

Most Americans do not realize that the "economic stimulus" bill will nationalize the health care system of the United States. Under the bill, the federal government, not your doctor, will determine what drugs or medical treatments you are to receive, or even if you are to get treatment at all.

As negotiators for Congress and the White House wrangle over the final price tag of the economic stimulus bill and debate whether or not the "economic stimulus" bill will actually stimulate the economy, the most important provisions that have been slipped into the bill are not even being debated. The truth is that Democrats have inserted provisions into the bill that will give the federal government COMPLETE control over your health care under a nationalized health care plan.

H.R. 1, otherwise known as "the economic stimulus bill" contains almost all of the key elements of Tom Daschle's nationalized health care system that he outlined in his 2008 book, Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis.

In his book, Daschle proclaims that doctors will have to “learn to operate less like solo practitioners” and be willing to accept mandatory government controls and guidelines.

And that is EXACTLY what this new bill forces doctors to do.

H.R. 1 creates a brand new bureaucracy called the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. This new government organization will monitor all medical treatments to make sure that your doctor is prescribing the exact drugs and medical treatments that the federal government believes are "appropriate" and "cost effective".

The bill has a provision that hospitals and doctors which are not “meaningful users” of the new system will face serious penalties. The bill also says that the Secretary of Health and Human Service will be permitted to impose “more stringent measures of meaningful use over time”.

The bill also radically changes the way that the health care system treats the elderly.

Currently, Medicare pays for medical treatments that are considered to safe and effective.

However, this new bill would change all that.

Instead, it would apply "a cost effectiveness standard" set by a Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research.

The goal of this "council" would be to actually slow the development and use of new medications and treatments because they are "driving up" medical costs.

In her recent editorial, Betsy McCaughey describes Daschle's attitude towards the elderly in his book:

He praises Europeans for being more willing to accept “hopeless diagnoses” and “forgo experimental treatments,” and he chastises Americans for expecting too much from the health-care system.

She also goes on to describe how this new "council" would actually make choices to deny health care to elderly patients if they don't have enough useful years left:

The Federal Council is modeled after a U.K. board discussed in Daschle’s book. This board approves or rejects treatments using a formula that divides the cost of the treatment by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit. Treatments for younger patients are more often approved than treatments for diseases that affect the elderly, such as osteoporosis.

Do you understand what that means?

It means that under this new bill, the federal government would decide who lives and who dies.

Do you want the government to have that power?

If not, you better go start objecting to this bill before it passes.

The day when you and your doctor decided what medical care you would receive is just about totally over.

What is happening to America?

Authorities Estimate That 600,000 Americans And 65,000 Canadians Are Trading Child Pictures Online

North America is becoming more of a cesspool of filth with each passing day.

Just the other day, MySpace representatives and law enforcement officials said that approximately 90,000 sex offenders have been identified and removed from MySpace.

That is a lot of sexual predators to try to guard your children from.

Now there is news that officials estimate that 600,000 Americans and 65,000 Canadians are trading dirty child pictures online.

That is an epidemic!

And actually the child pornography unit of the Ontario Provincial Police believes that the 65,000 figure for Canada is very low.

According to them, 40,000 computers in Ontario alone are known to be used to access child pictures.

They also say that the profits from creating and trading these images is estimated to be 2 to 3 billion dollars every year.

How sick is that?

America and Canada are disgustingly sick and the problem is getting worse every single year.

But those who practice these things will be held accountable by God.

In Matthew 18:6, Jesus said the following about those who would abuse children.....

But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

If you have ever been involved in any aspect of this type of sin, you need to get down on your hands and knees and repent before the living God while you still have time to repent.

You sin has been terrible, but there is hope for you. The only hope for any of us is to find forgiveness of our sins and eternal salvation through Jesus Christ:

California: No Money For Tax Refunds Plenty For Ads Promoting Gay Adoption

Taxpayers in California are about to get a whole lot madder. Many are already livid that they are being told that they will not be getting their tax returns any time soon because of budget shortfalls, but when they find out what California has been spending tons of money on they will be furious.

Apparently there is plenty of government money in California to fund a massive new ad campaign that is encouraging gay couples to adopt more children.

So let's get this straight.....

*California is facing the worst budget crisis that the state has ever faced in history.

*The taxpayers of California are being told it is so bad that they will not get their tax refunds any time soon.

*But there is plenty of money to fund an ad campaign that specifically promotes gay adoption.

Something is not adding up here.

If California has ANY extra money, then they need to send out those tax refunds to their owners right NOW.

What in the world is happening to this nation anyway? The craziness seems to get worse by the day.

North Korea - One Of The Most Brutal Nations On Earth

While American Christians stand in line for the buffet on Sunday, Christians in North Korea often get lined up for a very different reason. The persecution of Christians in North Korea is systematic and it is brutal and most American Christians are totally oblivious to it.

North Korea is once again #1 on Open Doors’ list of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world.

If you want to get an idea of what a truly atheist nation is like, just look at North Korea.

Do you want to know what Christians there go through?

Just consider this one story out of North Korea that was originally brought to our attention by The Voice Of The Martyrs.....


The young brown-eyed girl looked up at her mother. What would she decide?

Earlier that morning, the young girl's mother, their pastor, and twenty-six others in her North Korean village of GokSan were bound and taken before a screaming crowd of Communists.

One of the guards ordered Pastor Kim and the other Christians, "Deny Christ, or you will die." The words chilled her. How could they ask her to deny Jesus? She knew in her heart he was real. They all quietly refused.

Then the Communist guard shouted directly at the adult Christians, "Deny Christ, or we will hang your children." The young girl looked up at her mother. She gripped her and knowing how much her mom loved her. her mother then leaned down. With confidence and peace she whispered, "Today, my love, I will see you in heaven."

All of the children were hanged.

The remaining believers were then brought out onto the pavement and forced to lie down in front of a huge steamroller. The Communists gave them one last chance. "Deny this Jesus or you will be crushed." The Christians had already given up their children; there was no turning back.

As the driver started the heavy piece of equipment, the singing from the villagers started softly. "More love, O Christ, to thee, more love to thee."

How To Build A Great Marriage - 10 Keys That Will Revitalize Your Relationship

Today in America we are seeing marriages fall apart left and right. Some wonder why marriage is such a mess in the United States, but it is not a secret.

When a nation forsakes God and rejects His Word, this is what happens.

But if we are willing to obey God and live according to His principles then our marriages have a great chance to be the best that they can be.

The following are ten principles that we have seen succeed in our own experience, and if you will put them into practice we believe that you will be thrilled with the results.....

#1) Forgiveness

This is one of the biggest problems that couples have in our society today. They either don't know how to forgive or they refuse to forgive. When you refuse to forgive your spouse, you put a barrier between the two of you. And usually it doesn't even start with something huge. Usually a few small things are left unforgiven, and resentment builds up, and then a few more are added to it, and eventually a mountain of unforgiveness exists between the husband and wife and they feel miles apart.

This is absolutely one of the most important keys to any marriage. This is a key reason why so many people go from relationship to relationship or from marriage to marriage. Everything starts out great, but as soon as something goes wrong or someone is offended the person who won't forgive shuts down and eventually moves on. And you know what? None of us are perfect. All of us will let our partner down eventually. So we MUST learn how to forgive.

Don't let small offenses build into a mountain of bitterness in your marriage. Learn the freedom and intimacy that only forgiveness can bring.

#2) Learn how to say "I'm sorry"

This goes closely along with forgiveness. There are many people in our society today that are so proud that they can never say that they are sorry.

Do you know how hard it is to live with someone who will never admit that they are wrong?

Being able to take responsibility for your actions is a sign of maturity. It also makes it much easier for the other person to be able to forgive you.

The reality is that we will all offend our spouses at some point, and being able to say "I'm sorry" will go a long way towards repairing any damage that has been done.

#3) Turn away from lustful images

This is a big one especially for husbands. Your wives DO notice when you take a peek at an attractive woman or when you stare at lustful scenes on the television.

One huge thing you can do to make your spouse feel valued is to turn away when a lustful image comes on the television or movie screen or to even turn the television off when it crosses the line.

By taking the active step of turning away from lustful things it will make your spouse feel great, and it will send a signal that you are vigilant about protecting your marriage.

#4) Don't make a habit of talking badly about your spouse to others

This is a big one especially for wives. There is a tendency for women to get together and gossip about everything that is wrong with their husbands.

Or it is even worse when a husband or wife openly talks badly about their partner in public where the other partner can hear it. What it communicates to the other partner is that you have ZERO respect for that other person and that you do not value them at all.

So tackle your disagreements and issues in private. Airing them in public or to your friends does incredible damage.

#5) Put the needs of your spouse ahead of your own

This goes completely counter to how most people in our society think. Most people enter into marriages for what THEY can get out of it.

So when one of the partners starts feeling like they aren't getting what they want out of the marriage, what happens? They get angry, they shut down or they might leave.

But what do we find in great marriages?

What we find is each partner puts the needs and desires of the other person ahead of their own. When each person makes it their goal to serve the other, then the needs of both people get met. In fact, some of the most beautiful and most romantic stories in history are about one spouse who is willing to sacrifice everything for the good of the other spouse.

#6) Never ever threaten the relationship

If you want a healthy relationship, you must never, ever, ever threaten the relationship. If you say something like "If you do that again I'll start thinking about a divorce".....even if it is in jest.....then you are taking a sledgehammer to your marriage.

Any statement that threatens your relationship is likely to cause incredible fear and panic in your partner even if you do not realize it. It sends them the message that you are already thinking about ending the relationship. Instead what you should do is to communicate to your spouse that you consider marriage to be for life, and that you are committed to this relationship for life no matter what. That type of commitment will do much to strengthen a marriage.

#7) Give your spouse at least one compliment every day

There are some married people, particularly women, who go YEARS without hearing their spouse say something truly nice about them. There are some married people who would do just about anything to hear some words of approval from the one they love.

So take this advice and give your spouse at least one sincere compliment every day. By doing so you will build that other person up and help them to become the person that they are supposed to be.

The reality is that we all need more vitamin "E".....if we do not receive encouragement from your spouse, then where in this dark, cold world are we supposed to get it?

#8) Do all the important things together

Increasingly I hear of married people attending important events alone, and I have even heard of couples taking "separate vacations".

That is a recipe for disaster. Your spouse is supposed to be your best friend. Encourage that by always doing all the important things together.

#9) Pray together EVERY night

Some of you may find this one strange. But ask anyone who does it. It works wonders for a marriage.

It is really hard to stay angry with each other or to have unresolved issues when you humble yourselves together in prayer each night before you go to bed. Trust me, just try it.

#10) Say to your spouse "I love you" at least once every day

Life goes by so quickly. Take the time to reaffirm your love every day. Some couples are so out of practice that they don't say it at all anymore.

Never let it get old. Each day tell your spouse that you love them.

Life is too short not to.

Barack Obama Continues The Immoral Policies Of The Bush Administration

When the American people voted in Barack Obama, they thought that they were voting in a huge change. But mostly things have not changed, and the scariest thing of all is that Obama is continuing some of the most horrifying aspects of the Bush presidency.

One thing that Americans should learn is that you can't trust the words of a politician. You have to watch and see what they do.

As Matthew 7:16 tells us.....

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"

So let's take a look at some of Obama's fruits so far and see how they compare with Bush.

First of all, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Obama has actually issued an executive order authorizing the continued use of secret "renditions" by the CIA. If you don't know what a "rendition" is, that is when the CIA secretly grabs someone off the street anywhere in the world and takes that person to a secret prison where they are secretly "interrogated" and abused.

The European Parliament has called renditions "an illegal instrument used by the United States."

But apparently Obama sees no problem with them whatsoever.

Obama talks about getting back to "American" values, but when he continues the policies of George W. Bush, how is that "American"?

Let me ask you.....does this look "American" to you?:

Well, what about the wars?

Wasn't Obama supposed to be the anti-war candidate?

Guess again.

In fact, Obama got started bombing other countries a lot faster than George W. Bush did when he became president.

It took Obama only three days after his inauguration before he started bombing Pakistan.

And yes, Obama is going to reduce the troop levels in Iraq a bit, but he is also going to DOUBLE the number of troops in Afghanistan.

Well, certainly Obama will do something about the horrific environmental hell that the U.S. military has created in Iraq and Afghanistan through the use of depleted uranium weapons, right?

Certainly any sane president would ban those weapons, wouldn't he?


The U.S. military continues to use those dirty weapons that are literally turning Iraq and Afghanistan into uninhabitable hellholes.

Will Obama change his mind?

Don't count on it.

The reality is that he answers to the same people that George W. Bush answered to.

If you were a big fan of President Bush, then you are likely to love President Obama.

But if you were hoping for "change" then you are out of luck I am afraid.

NBC Refuses To Air A Pro-Life Ad During The Super Bowl

In a sickening move, NBC is flatly refusing to air a pro-life commercial during the Super Bowl.

NBC has no problem showing racy and "edgy" ads during the Super Bowl, but they are willing to throw money away by refusing a pro-life ad that would be shown to approximately 100 million viewers during the biggest game of the year.

The ad, sponsored by a Catholic group, begins by showing a small fetus in a mother's womb as the following words appear:

"This child's future is a broken home."

"He will be abandoned by his father."

"His single mother will struggle to raise him."

"Despite the hardships he will endure this child will become the 1st African-American President."

At the end of the television spot there is a photo of Barack Obama and these words:

"Life: Imagine the Potential."

This is the first release of a national media campaign, and the executive director of told PRNewswire that all the ads in the campaign will use that tag line. "Our message is simple: Abortion is the enemy of hope. The purpose of our new ad is to spread a message of hope about the potential of every human life."

The truth is that since 1973, well over 40 MILLION innocent babies have been chopped up and slaughtered in American abortion mills.

America has dissected them, burned them alive, sucked their brains out and yet the American people seem to care less about this than ever.

How far down the toilet has America gone as a society when America kills about a million babies a year, and nobody even gets upset about it anymore?

Since NBC will not show this video, we will be glad to air this video on our website.....


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