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Barack Obama Continues The Immoral Policies Of The Bush Administration

When the American people voted in Barack Obama, they thought that they were voting in a huge change. But mostly things have not changed, and the scariest thing of all is that Obama is continuing some of the most horrifying aspects of the Bush presidency.

One thing that Americans should learn is that you can't trust the words of a politician. You have to watch and see what they do.

As Matthew 7:16 tells us.....

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"

So let's take a look at some of Obama's fruits so far and see how they compare with Bush.

First of all, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Obama has actually issued an executive order authorizing the continued use of secret "renditions" by the CIA. If you don't know what a "rendition" is, that is when the CIA secretly grabs someone off the street anywhere in the world and takes that person to a secret prison where they are secretly "interrogated" and abused.

The European Parliament has called renditions "an illegal instrument used by the United States."

But apparently Obama sees no problem with them whatsoever.

Obama talks about getting back to "American" values, but when he continues the policies of George W. Bush, how is that "American"?

Let me ask you.....does this look "American" to you?:

Well, what about the wars?

Wasn't Obama supposed to be the anti-war candidate?

Guess again.

In fact, Obama got started bombing other countries a lot faster than George W. Bush did when he became president.

It took Obama only three days after his inauguration before he started bombing Pakistan.

And yes, Obama is going to reduce the troop levels in Iraq a bit, but he is also going to DOUBLE the number of troops in Afghanistan.

Well, certainly Obama will do something about the horrific environmental hell that the U.S. military has created in Iraq and Afghanistan through the use of depleted uranium weapons, right?

Certainly any sane president would ban those weapons, wouldn't he?


The U.S. military continues to use those dirty weapons that are literally turning Iraq and Afghanistan into uninhabitable hellholes.

Will Obama change his mind?

Don't count on it.

The reality is that he answers to the same people that George W. Bush answered to.

If you were a big fan of President Bush, then you are likely to love President Obama.

But if you were hoping for "change" then you are out of luck I am afraid.


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