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NBC Refuses To Air A Pro-Life Ad During The Super Bowl

In a sickening move, NBC is flatly refusing to air a pro-life commercial during the Super Bowl.

NBC has no problem showing racy and "edgy" ads during the Super Bowl, but they are willing to throw money away by refusing a pro-life ad that would be shown to approximately 100 million viewers during the biggest game of the year.

The ad, sponsored by a Catholic group, begins by showing a small fetus in a mother's womb as the following words appear:

"This child's future is a broken home."

"He will be abandoned by his father."

"His single mother will struggle to raise him."

"Despite the hardships he will endure this child will become the 1st African-American President."

At the end of the television spot there is a photo of Barack Obama and these words:

"Life: Imagine the Potential."

This is the first release of a national media campaign, and the executive director of told PRNewswire that all the ads in the campaign will use that tag line. "Our message is simple: Abortion is the enemy of hope. The purpose of our new ad is to spread a message of hope about the potential of every human life."

The truth is that since 1973, well over 40 MILLION innocent babies have been chopped up and slaughtered in American abortion mills.

America has dissected them, burned them alive, sucked their brains out and yet the American people seem to care less about this than ever.

How far down the toilet has America gone as a society when America kills about a million babies a year, and nobody even gets upset about it anymore?

Since NBC will not show this video, we will be glad to air this video on our website.....


Linda said...

When something interferes with the chosen lifestyle/agenda, it seems it is given very little regard, whether or not it has a moral obligation attached to it or not. This shows that the people as a whole have become very self-absorbed and outwardly selfish. I believe the choice belongs in the bedroom at the moment of indulgence and no where else, either be responsible where it counts or suck up to the consequences of being so obtuse in the first place. Actions whether responsible or irresponsible deserve consequences and unless a person is accepting of them, maybe they should just have their offending appendage removed instead. At least then, I wouldn't be so inclined to direct them back to kindergarten. Just because you cannot see it does not define that it is not indeed still murder. That is only semantics. Go ahead and fool yourself, but not everyone is a fool. I agree that this country's morals have gone to hell. The unborn child is treated worse than a snake on the ground and not even treated humanely, but horribly, horribly tortured. How about an eye for an eye? Sounds fair to me. NBC, ABC and CBS are all run by the corporate money-making machine and instead of providing a service to the people they have become the corporate blood suckers and scammers. I have seen many of the Super Bowl commercials already and so far, this video by the Catholic organization beats them all hands down. The US is in a sad place indeed.

Paul Smith said...

While I agree it would have been GREAT to have seen this ad running in front of a Super Bowl audience - I'm actually ok with the network declining to run it. I'm assuming that their rationale was that they do not accept ads with a social/political agenda. If that is indeed the case, then it means that we don't have to stomach Anti-Life commercials from Planned Parenthood either. And, point in fact, the network's denial of the ad now gives it an element of "newsworthiness" that it otherwise may not have had. While not shown during the Super Bowl, the odds are that it will be viewed on the internet via a much, much larger audience because of this very coverage. Bottom line: it's a good ad and it's going to be viewed, but in a context that doesn't set a precedent for the pro-abortion crowd to claim "equal time".

Anonymous said...

I am also OK with the network declining to run it. Leave political agendas out of the Super Bowl. If they aired this ad then would have to air pro-choice ads as well. No matter what side of the fence you are on, leave politics out of at least one of America's past times.


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