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Modern Day Slavery In Florida

Does slavery exist in the United States today?

If you ask most Americans, they will tell you that slavery was abolished back in the 19th century.

But that is a lie.

Today you can find slavery all over the United States. Not only is "human trafficking" a major problem (and an issue that we have touched on in other posts), but migrant workers all over the agricultural areas of the United States are being horribly exploited.

Because they are not legally here to work, employers feel free to pay them far below minimum wage. By paying them barely enough to survive, these employers have created a modern day form of slavery.

The following video about modern day slavery in Florida is by Paul Franz, a graduate student at the University of Miami School of Communication and the Knight Center for International Media.

The video follows the story of Joseph Dieune, a Haitian migrant worker who visited the United States to make money for his family back home. He works at a small agricultural center located just south of the city of Miami, and his life is far from easy.

As you watch this video, ask yourself if this is the right thing for American employers to do....

The truth is that this is yet another sign of the moral decline of America.

How in the world can we allow this type of thing to go on in the 21st century?

Unfortunately, this type of exploitation is only going to get worse.

Modern day slavery is going on all over the world, and as the moral collapse of the world continues, slavery is going to thrive even more.

It's disgusting and it needs to stop.

But it's not going to.