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California: No Money For Tax Refunds Plenty For Ads Promoting Gay Adoption

Taxpayers in California are about to get a whole lot madder. Many are already livid that they are being told that they will not be getting their tax returns any time soon because of budget shortfalls, but when they find out what California has been spending tons of money on they will be furious.

Apparently there is plenty of government money in California to fund a massive new ad campaign that is encouraging gay couples to adopt more children.

So let's get this straight.....

*California is facing the worst budget crisis that the state has ever faced in history.

*The taxpayers of California are being told it is so bad that they will not get their tax refunds any time soon.

*But there is plenty of money to fund an ad campaign that specifically promotes gay adoption.

Something is not adding up here.

If California has ANY extra money, then they need to send out those tax refunds to their owners right NOW.

What in the world is happening to this nation anyway? The craziness seems to get worse by the day.



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