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Prostitute Barbie? This Is Not Your Grandma's Barbie Doll!

The new "Black Canary" Barbie doll by Mattel has truly set a new low. Dressed in kinky fishnet leggings that go way too high, a motorcycle jacket, black gloves and kinky black boots, "Black Canary" Barbie is apparently a role model for preteens who want to walk the street someday.

What do you think goes through the mind of a young girl when they are given a doll like this to play with?

Don't you think that introducing a "dominatrix" Barbie to girls at a very young age will warp their sense of reality?

Can you imagine young girls in the 1950s playing with a doll like this?

Of course not.

This is another example of the decline of traditional values in our nation.

What we teach our children at a young age DOES have a huge impact when they get older.

In a new federal survey, over half of both male and female 15 to 19 year old teenagers admit to having engaged in oral sex.

Think about that.

More teenagers have practiced oral sex than have not.

These are kids who have not even reached their 20th birthday yet.

It sure makes one think twice about putting kids in public schools that is for certain.

Can the wickedness of this nation get much worse?

What are we teaching our kids that they would act this way?

This story brought the following verse to mind:

"Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold"

--Matthew 24:12


The Rocksa said...

You do realize that Black Canary is a comic book character that has been around since the 40s. Their is nothing even close to Prostitute Barbie about this. Mattel has been putting out special edition comic book Barbies for awhile now, and they only ppl that buy these are collectors, both Barbie and Comic geeks.
Also, they might not have had a Barbie like this in the 50s, but Black Canary was a character then, and many children where reading about her in Flash Comics, and The Justice League Of America.

If you don't know the facts about something don't post it, this is just propaganda and sensationalism at it's worst.

samwise said...

Rocksa, what do you expect from a Christian fundamentalist site like this?

This is the same calibre of people that outed Bert and Ernie as homosexual lovers and started a witch-hunt against Big Ears for fiddling with Noddy!

The Rocksa said...

Well, the problem I have with it, is I'm also a Christian, and very devout one I might add, but this type of sensationalism is why others (Non-Christians) look down upon us. I know many Christians that spout this kinda crap daily as well, and it makes me angry. Instead of making crap up, how about using a little intelligence in your articles. Also stop using your Christian faith to sell your agenda. Jesus, is not your personal salesman, he's not here to promote your political agendas.
Christ was sent to earth to save his ppl, and he doesn't want his church degrading others, he was always in the den of thieves, they accepted him, because he was kind and non-judgemental. I'll give you the world can be a wicked place sometimes, but it always has been that way, and not every person is wicked or good, Christian or not.

Valentine Michael Smith said...

Darn, I was hoping this was a clever humor site!

Looking forward to more entertaining "bad Barbies."

For what it's worth, I think its just as likely that a child playing with this outfit will want to grow up to be Michael Jackson.

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