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Girls Who Married Frogs & Boys Who Suffer 1000 Cuts To Be A Man

Without a doubt, our world has an endless supply of weird stuff to write about. As part of an ancient Hindu ceremony, two Hindu girls in India actually married frogs recently.

Yes, that is right.


These two seven-year-old girls in India married frogs last week in an effort to help protect their village.

These marriages were conducted as part of the ancient "Pongal" harvest ceremony that the villagers believe will help prevent the "outbreak of mysterious diseases" in their village.

The good news is that those marriage were not considered to be permanent, and the green grooms were allowed to hop back to the water after the ceremony was completed.

If you think that is weird, then you should brace yourself for this next story.

Have you ever had a really deep papercut?

Do you remember how incredibly painful it can be?

What the boys of one tribe have to go through to "become a man" is going to horrify and shock many of you.

As a sign of entry into manhood, boys of one tribe suffer thousands of razor-blade cuts until their skin resembles a crocodile.

We encourage you to watch the following video that examines this phenomenon, but we warn you that if you have a weak stomach you may not be able to watch it all.....

The sad thing is that the people in both stores above take their ceremonies very, very seriously.

They actually believe that the ceremonies and rituals will do them some good.

But the truth is that the only thing that will truly benefit any of us in the long run is the truth.

So what is the truth?

The reality is that if you examine the evidence for most religions you won't find anything there.

But there is one glaring exception.

The Christian faith.

If you have never examined the evidence for Christianity, we would very much encourage you to do so.

The following is a great place to get started.....


Dave Brown said...

What quaint, silly beliefs these people profess. One day they will believe in normal things like people walking on water or rising from the dead, and do normal things with their bodies such as pound nails through their palms or chop off the tips of their penises.

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