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Should A Christian Be Involved With Yoga?

Should a Christian be involved with yoga?

There are literally thousands and thousands of Christians across the United States and Canada who are taking "Christian yoga" classes this very day.

In fact, there are websites like that enthusiastically promote a "Christian" form of these ancient practices.

The truth is that over ten million Americans are practicing some form of yoga, but the vast majority of them have absolutely no idea what they are involving themselves in. The reality is that you can't take yoga out of Hinduism and you can't take the Hinduism out of yoga.

For instance, did you know that "yoga" is literally a Sanskrit word that means to yoke with Brahman?

Did you know that many of the mantras that yoga instructors have their followers chant are actually the names of Hindu gods?

Did you know that many of the practices of yoga are specifically designed to call forth Hindu deities?

Did you know that a large percentage of those who get involved with yoga also get involved with Hinduism, New Age religion and the occult?

The truth is that yoga and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other, and if you are a Christian that is involved with yoga then you really need to watch this short YouTube video:


andrews said...


This is really very nice to do yoga to live a healthy life. So keep doing yoga exercise daily
Yoga Schools

workn4jesus said...

Don't be deceived! There are many other ways to exercise and "live a healthy life". It is important for Christians to stop compromising their faith to do what is trendy,cool,hip,etc. This applies to so many areas in our lives including music, TV, Movies, and yes even Yoga.

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