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Transhumanism: Improving Humans Through Genetic Modification?

If you have not heard of transhumanism yet, you will soon. The science of genetic engineering is now so advanced that many scientists are now calling on humans to "direct" or "improve" their own "evolution".

A shocking new article by NewScientist has this attention getting headline - "Genetically modified humans: Here and more coming soon".

Among other things that article discusses is how a research team in the U.K. is actually experimenting with creating three parent embryos.

How would you like to have 3 parents?


This comes at a time when news is coming out that the U.K.'s first designer baby is being born.

Of course they make it sound really great. The mother was able to pick an embryo that is very unlikely to develop breast cancer. Who would be mean enough to be against that?

That is how they always introduce these things.

They make it sound like they are saving lives and preventing disease.

They make it sound wonderful.

But what about choosing embryos with blue eyes and blonde hair over other embryos?

Wouldn't choosing children who look more appealing give them a better chance for a happier life?

Consider the questions that are raised about this issue in the following video.....

But many scientists want to take all of this far beyond just picking out the "best" human genes.

It is now scientifically possible to take genes from plants and animals and to put them into humans.

Do you want a stronger human?

It can be done.

Do you want a human that can glow in the dark?

They have already done it with fish and cats.

One of the scariest things of all is that now amateurs are trying genetic engineering at home.

It is crazy but it is true.

Bio engineer wannabes are sitting around their kitchens and living rooms and are creating entirely new lifeforms in the name of science.

Does anyone realize how dangerous this all is?

Hopefully someone does.

Proponents of this "biotechnology" believe that we are guiding our own "evolution" and that we are creating a better world for the future.

But they are so, so wrong.

The reality is that we are creating a world of cross-species freakazoids that will soon run rampant throughout society. Once all of these mutant creatures start breeding with the general population there will never, ever be a chance to put the genie back inside the bottle.


Michael said...


Scientists, by their very nature, will push forward with research to produce results. They do not focus on the moral implications.

At least we have some moral boundaries at this point (human cloning ban, etc.).

It's Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" all over again. Genetic experimentation run amok.

PS: Check out my blog for prehealth science majors:

Thanks! And great writing.

TJ said...

Please don't think for one moment that genetic modifications, cloning, etc. will be accepted by God. Its only a matter of time when God's judgement is going to take over world wide. At that point sin will no longer be tolerated. The fact is that God has all the time in the world. Our problem is that our time is limited on this earth even though some feel and think its okay to modify and destroy life. If you scientist's clone a human being, where is the man or womans soul? Don't tell me it comes included because only God can give us a soul and a spirit. You shouldn't be playing the role of God. It took 911 for American's to care for one another, run to church and seek God's face. What we it take next?

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