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Atheists & Witches On The March - Catholics In Retreat

For many religious organizations this time of the year is supposed to be a very holy time. But when we scan recent news headlines what do we find? We find atheists and witches on the march and Catholics in full retreat.

One atheist group has been permitted to post an anti-religion sign next to a Christian nativity scene and a "holiday tree" in a display in the state capitol of the state of Washington. A portion of the atheist message on the sign reads: "There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

Who ever thought we would see a day when messages such as that become part of holiday displays?

Signs such as the one at the top of this article are becoming increasingly common throughout America.

The atheists in Kentucky have been busy too.

Kentucky atheists are suing to get God out of homeland security. Don't they have anything better to do this time of the year?

Apparently they are determined to make sure that God does not protect us.

Meanwhile, although the economy is getting worse, business is booming for psychics, astrologers and witches. With times getting tough, more Americans than ever are seeking supernatural help from sources other than God.

So are the major religious organizations fighting back?

Instead of fighting for truth, most of them seem to be in full retreat.

For example, Catholic bishops in the U.K. are actually calling for Muslim prayer rooms to be opened in all private Catholic schools.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Catholic bishops are actually requesting that Muslim prayer rooms be created in CATHOLIC schools.

What in the world?

Not only that, but Catholic bishops are apparently ordering priests in the U.K. to be more welcoming to gay worshippers.

Apparently someone in the Vatican wants to make sure that priests do not make any homosexuals in attendance feel uncomfortable.

Other religious organizations are a big mess as well.

For instance, the split in the Episcopal church is getting worse. It is a disgrace to see the Episcopal church fall apart in front of the whole world.

The truth is that wickedness is advancing on all fronts. Did you know that Barack Obama has selected the head of a well-known abortion activist group to be his White House communications director? Things like this happen so frequently now that they don't even get noticed.

Hopefully this last story will shock you all a bit. A New York City survey has revealed that almost ten percent of men who say they're straight have sex ONLY with other men. The survey also found that 10% of all married men reported same-sex sexual behavior during the past year.

10 percent of married men.

The world is changing my friends.


Shih Tzu said...

You want the state of Kentucky to endorse a religious viewpoint? Would you also consider constitutional a plaque reading "The state recognizes that, 'God' being a non-existent fairy tale, all citizens must work to achieve national security on their own power," or "Kentucky owes its security to the divine protection of Muhammed, peace be upon him."?

The secularity of government is in the interests of all Americans, religious and nonreligious alike. The atheists, in this case, are standing up for the rights of Christians.

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