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Support For Gay Marriage Is Surging Among Americans

Raw Story is reporting on a new poll that reveals that support for gay marriage is rapidly increasing among people all across the United States.

In the results of the new poll, 55 percent of Americans favor "civil unions" or "civil partnerships", while only 40 percent were in favor of them in 2004.

When asked about gay marriage, 39 percent of Americans supported full "marriage" rights for gay couples.

This is still not a majority, but it is significantly higher than the 33 percent figure that the poll reported for that question in 2004.

So, while gay marriage is still illegal in almost all areas of the United States, the reality is that the attitude of Americans is quickly shifting in favor of gay marriage.

Should we be surprised?

Well, the truth is that the media is overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage. So is the education system. So is Hollywood.

Just think of the last time you saw a movie or a television show that portrayed gay marriage as a bad thing. You can't think of one, can you?

Can you think of any celebrities that are openly against gay marriage?

Can you think of any celebrities that are for gay marriage? Of course you can. Almost all of the most prominent celebrities are very openly in favor of gay marriage.

The reality is that the institutions of influence - the media, the education system and the entertainment industry are overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage.

Every day these institutions reach millions upon millions of people, especially young people, with their message.

So America will continue to move in the direction of full acceptance of gay marriage.

If America continues to refuse to turn back to God then it is only a matter of time.


Nugent Dirt said...

"If America continues to refuse to turn back to God then it is only a matter of time."

Just this once, could you put a date on that -- or at least a defined period.

You people have been promising that so much, for so long, so loudly, that I think the rest of us are entitled to ask, "So, like, OK, WHEN?"

I, for one, would like to see an end of it, but I certainly am getting tired of waiting on YOUR deity.

P.S. Have you heard about the survey which found that 83% of Americans are not comfortable with gay marriage but support because the people who are against it make them want to throw up?

Hope that's been of some help.

Bill Cleere said...

Fucking cunts are afraid to reply.

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