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Proof That Jesus Christ Was NOT Born On December 25th

Most Christians are shocked when you tell them that Jesus Christ was not born anywhere near December 25th. The word "Christmas" is not in the Bible, and neither are "Christmas trees" or "Christmas presents". The truth is that most Christians do not know some of the most basic truths about what has been billed as their most important holiday.

Our research has uncovered some shocking truths about Christmas, and we are incredibly excited to announce the release of our brand new YouTube video entitled: "Proof That Jesus Christ Was NOT Born On December 25th". The video is embedded at the end of this post, and we hope that you will watch it and let us know what you think about it.

This new YouTube video explores the following questions among others:

-Would it have been way too cold for the shepherds to be out with their flocks at night in late December?

-Can we prove from the Scriptures that Jesus was NOT born in the winter?

-Do the Scriptures give us information about when Jesus actually was born?

-Was there a real, historical reason why the inns were full when Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to stay?

-Is there a holiday that was instituted by God over a thousand years before Jesus was born that prophetically foreshadowed the circumstances of His birth?

-Does the God of the universe cause His most important events to fall during the holidays that He instituted in the Scriptures?

What you have never been taught about the birth of Jesus may shock you.

You are not going to hear these things in the vast majority of Christian churches.

Watch the video below with an open mind - perhaps it is time for all of us to learn the truth about Christmas.

So, you may ask, why do Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th?

The truth is that there was a late December pagan holiday that was celebrated for centuries before Jesus was ever born, and many of the "Christmas traditions" of today can be directly traced to pagan religious practices of centuries past.

The Roman Catholics decided to "christianize" that pagan holiday starting in 336 A.D. and turn it into a celebration of the birth of Christ.

You can find out much more by watching our other video on this topic entitled "The Christmas Conspiracy: The Pagan Origins Of Christmas". We hope that you will get a chance to watch that one as well.

Our newly released YouTube video that shows that Jesus was NOT born on December 25th is posted below.....


huff51 said...

if you dig a little deeper you'll find that jesus from the bible was never born at all.

nofrendo said...

Jesus wasn't born on December 25, or on any day, because he is a fictional character in a book. God is not real and all religious people are deluded. :-)

Michael said...

Jesus has been proven to really exist. It remains to be seen, however, if his powers of healing and the fact that he was truly the son of God were real.

jasshep said...

I would argue that Easter is the most important Christian calendar date. The time of Jesus' birth and really the first 30 years of His life are not as important as His death. The fact that He died for our sins and rose again are the most important facts of all.

SilentJay said...

So I guess we should all believe there is no God? I guess we should follow your beliefs and be lost in the darkness? I am sorry but my faith is stronger than any sort of dis-belief. The books of the Bible are a guide. Jesus did walk the earth and he dies for your sins. Hanging there on the cross, beaten and bloody, a crown of thorns symbolizing humility, he said "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." He even asked for the people tormenting him that they be forgiven. Only the true son of God would have that much forgiveness in his heart.

Anonymous said...

Silent Jay said it best. The same sentiment goes to nofrendo. Are we supposed to believe that everything's random, and we just appeared out of nowhere?

MTS said...

Michael: if one believes from the historical record that he existed then certainly you must also believe the part of the record that has to do with his death and ressurection. He was very publicly executed and when he rose from the dead, he appeared to over 500 people, and caused his disciples to be transformed into a group of men cowering in a room to one that in a few years spread the gospel throughout the known world. This part of the record has never been disproven or discredited. The resurrection is proof that he is who he said he is.

Affiliate Group said...

I strongly believe that Jesus is real and Jesus was born. I don't believe ever since that December 25th is his real birth date. But this fact doesn't disqualifies Jesus to be real.

In philosophical view point: "I'd rather believe in Christ and his Salvation and later on found will found out not to be true, rather than not believing in Christ and his salvation, then later on will be proved as true."

I strongly suggest that you people who don't believe in God, will believe in God before it will be too late.

To know more about truths and facts on the Bible, and about God, visit:

J. Brent Bullock said...

Did Pontius Pilate exist? He admits to sentencing Jesus of Nazareth to death.

I agree Jesus was not born on Dec 25th, but most people I know understand this, Christian or not.

Recovering Intellectual said...

Hmm. With all due respect, who cares? How does the date of Jesus' birth affect the gospel?

nofrendo, you have very strong faith. I wish mine was as strong.

Jesus is easily the best attested historical figure before the invention of the printing press.

Unfortunately, none of his contemporaries specified his date of birth.

claudio.andronico said...

The exact date of birth of Jesus Christ is really irrelevant.
There are two points of view on this issue:
1)the historical one: there are countless proofs beyond any possible doubt that a man called Jesus was born, lived and was crucified in the yeas between 5 B.C. and 35 A.D. in Palestine. There are records in contemporary Roman chronicles which register with great degree of accuracy this undeniable truth.
2)the faith issue: it is up to each one's faith to believe or not that Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God. as thousands of books have been written on this issue, I will limit myself to only one remark : how could 12 (twelve) poor and illiterate (some) Jews in far away Palestine establish a Church which has lasted for 2000 years and has grown to more than 2 billion faithful worldwide without some supernatural help ? Love to al,


spread said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spread said...

Mind and heart are two diferrent thing. once we belive on one idiologi or religion, our mind will outomatically agreed with it. Let people hold on with what they belived. The problem is, how far our effort to investigate or to find out the deepest basic or fundamental of what we belive? No matter how long have we been belive on our belived. Mind and brain can work together to find out the fundamental of our belived. So we can find that what we belived to day (heart) is reasonable with the fundamental of what we belived (logic by mind: historicaly).

Jada's Gigi said...

I have to agree with those who say," who cares" when Jesus was born. I believe that He was born and that the most critical holiday Christians celebrate is Easter (also a pagan named day)which celebrates the death and resurrection of our Lord. Without those events our faith is in vain.
I would also agree that most Christians realize that Dec. 25th is not the actual date of His birth but a date set for remebrance and celebration of it. It was indeed originally a pagan holiday that the church set aside to allow Christians in early times to celebrate at the same time as their pagan neighbors, taking advantage of cutural events and knowingly or not link Christianity with pagan religion forever. I see no connection between these facts and the moral decay of America. America is decaying all on its own.

spread said...

If it doesnt matter when jesus was really born, what does x-mast celebrate mean? and why it must be december 25th? only be a cultural event? a faith without historical basic?

Shattered Paradigm said...

I am glad to see that we have a good discussion going!

micatstuffy said...

cakky said,
I have learned in my life some things matter and some things don't. It really does not matter the DAY Jesus Christ was born. It matters that He WAS born. Not for only me but for all, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The debate on what day Hen was born is very interesting but it will not get you to heaven. It is not a matter of the soul. If you have your mind on God some things just don't matter. If you have veiwed this and do not beleive in Jesus Christ you are lost. Please open your mind to God.There literally is a Heaven and Hell and when this life is no more you will exist in on or the other for eternity. Only you can choose. I pray you chooose Jesus.

Jay said...

Some doubters may find the cayce readings a bit of a conundrum on this topic. The Edgar Cayce readings give Jan 6 as the date of Jesus' birth, and also provide much to ponder about his life, resurection, as well as dec. Cayce, a devout Christian, whscriprtions of other biblical figures at the time. Cayce read the Bible through every year of his life received his well documented gifts of by entering into a trance atate to approach the light of Christ for the answers. During his life many skilled investigators tried to prove that Cayce was a fraud... all came away convinced that he was not. Cayce predicted the dead sea scrolls would be found, after his death, and when and where they would be found. They were found and give further testimony of the validity of the bibilical and historical records of Jesus Christ, written as they were before and during the time of Christ, and then sealed away in the caves of Qumran for all these centuries after the Essenes were wiped out.

Bible Student said...

I can't believe the utter ignorance and laziness of God's word. Being lazy or just hating God shouldn't make you qualified to post something of this magnitude. First of all if you read Luke Chapter 1 verses 1-50 you will find out Christ was conceived on December 25th and was born on September 29th. If you have time here's the proof in different parts..

Bible Student said...

To check the proof for yourself go here or will clearly show the truth. Hope this helps.

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