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Lawsuit Forces eHarmony To Provide Dating Services To Gay Customers

The world is changing in radical ways every single day.

Now eHarmony is the one making headlines.

eHarmony has formally agreed to provide same-sex matches as part of a lawsuit settlement. Previously, people seeking same sex matches were not able to do so using eHarmony, because eHarmony only arranged matches between men and women.

There is another, related, development on the legal front.

California's Supreme court has agreed to hear several legal challenges to the state's new ban on same-sex marriage.

So the battle over gay marriage in the state of California is far from over. If these legal challenges don't achieve the result gay activists desire, then it is likely that Californians will be faced with this issue again on the 2010 ballot.


TJ said...

eHarmony was founded on Christian principles and now is being challanged by mans greed and sin. Why doesn't the Mr. Gay's start there own service? I think its a money scam. He cares less about your service and after the money's in his hand he will never use your service either. From my experience in being in business eHarmony's initial busines development required countless hours, funding, development, deligence, and was very costly, I might add that the list goes on and on... They assisted couples in a very professional manner and have a great track record. I think this is unconstitutional and should be evaluated and a counter suit should be filed for damages. On the other hand gays are not going to meet through eHarmony unless eHarmony is reconstructured. Who is going to pay for that? Just for the record I signed up for eHarmony months ago and believe they are just trying to make a living by following Christian principles. Are they being given freedom of speech in this case? The lawsuit should not even exist and is is an abomination to God and a deception from hell. The money will never bring blessings just hardships when you steal from God.

Macey said...

WHY DOES ANYONE WANT TO BE GAY OR A LESBIAN ? Its disgusting . God put us in a world where male and female should be together . Not males and males or females and females . If he wanted this same sex dating and marriage , he would have put one and only sex on the earth . SO those of you who believe this nonsence , you may want to think about that . And i honestly disagree completely with this eHarmony subject . eHarmony started as a christian single realtions and now it might have to be forced to change this nasty disgusting thing . So , chew on tht and actually think about it .

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