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Protests Over The Passage Of Proposition 8 In California Turn Violent

The protests over the passage of Proposition 8 in California are becoming increasingly violent.

You have got to see this absolutely shocking footage:


Jacques said...

One has to figure it would only be a matter of time, the way the protests have been going on. So, here is the thought/question: Prop 20(?) was voted in by a fairly significant majority of voting Californians. By breaking the law, the pro-gay minority was able to get the fight into the courtroom and the law turned over. This led to Proposition 8, once again voted in by the majority. In this election, we saw a higher turnout of the Latin, African American, and Asian vote, much of what may have contributed to the passage of Prop 8. Who voted and how is less important than the simple fact that a larger percentage of Californians turned out to vote that have been silent before. The proposition still passed. These people aren't protesting against a law; They are now protesting against their neighbors, coworkers and possibly even relatives. Maybe it is time to put the "No on 8" signs down and listen for a change.

Flippy said...

Increasingly violent? I think you mean that it turned violent for an inanimate object...once. Nothing happened to the woman, just the symbol of what she was using to deny equal rights to her fellow citizens. Were the people loud? Yeah. Violent? No.

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