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Extreme Persecution In The U.S.A.: Church Attacked, Service Interrupted, Condoms Flung Around The Sanctuary And 2 Lesbians Make Out In The Pulpit

If you showed the headline above to an American Christian in the 1950s they would never believe that something like that could ever happen in American.

But it has happened in America.

WorldNetDaily is reporting on a vicious attack at a Christian church in Lansing, Michigan on a recent Sunday. Church members were absolutely horrified when members of a pro-homosexual organization interrupted their service "to fling propaganda and condoms around the sanctuary, drape a profane banner from the balcony and feature two lesbians making out at the pulpit."

The picture at the top of the article is from the organization that carried out this attack.

Absolutely chilling.

This is just another example of the incredible increase in Christian persecution that we have seen this year, especially since the election:


Paul said...

Lying for Jesus, again.

Middle America Mama said...

This is such a sad thing. Christians are going through things that were unthinkable a year ago!!

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