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A Really, Really Bad Day For The Opponents Of Abortion

Voters in several states overwhelmingly rejected anti-abortion ballot measures in a devastating defeat for anti-abortion forces. Even in "red states", American voters have sent a clear message regarding what they believe about the issue of abortion.

The following are four decisions that American voters made yesterday that were crippling to the pro-life movement:

#1 Barack Obama Wins The Presidency

Barack Obama: "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." -- Senator Barack Obama, speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, July 17, 2007

Now Americans are guaranteed that the White House will nominate only pro-choice judges for at least the next four years. America now has the most pro-abortion president that it has ever elected.

#2 South Dakota Voters Reject Abortion Ban

Voters have defeated the SouthDakota abortion ban 55 percent to 45 percent. South Dakota has traditionally been one of the most "red" states, and this shows that abortion ballot measures are unlikely to win anywhere.

#3 California Voters Reject Parental Notification Measure

A California ballot measure that would require doctors to notify parents before performing an abortion on a child appears headed for defeat.

So abortionists can now feel free to carve up children and their unborn babies without ever telling their parents.

#4 Focus On The Family Crushed In Their Own Back Yard

Colorado voters have soundly defeated a measure that would have declared that a fertilized egg is a legal person. It looks like the vote wasn't even close.

What does all of this say about the American people?


Dale said...

Your extremism has driven people away from your cause. Most people are anti-abortion/pro-choice, but ridiculous stances like declaring a fertilized egg to be a legal person only makes people question whether the whole concept of being anti-abortion is valid.

Noel said...

How about you all consider it a good day and go out there and support the measures that will decrease the factors that lead to abortion... namely poverty, quality health care ( especially for all of the babies that will be born, which Pres. Bush vetoed), equal pay for equal work for women, and comprehensive sex education in schools. The new President Elect will be focusing on these issues, and it is a great opportunity for you to jump in and reduce the amount of abortions. Support change in policy, support eliminating poverty and getting the poor quality health care and sex education, and I PROMISE YOU there will be less abortions.

Anonymous said...

"What does all of this say about the American people?"

Blame america first, that's all your kind ever does.

PTET said...

It says the American people are too smart to fall for idiotic cartoon style fundamentalist christian views of the abortion debate.

Travis said...

If you make abortions illegal what do you do with women who have illegal abortions? Do you throw them in jail? Maybe the death penalty, beacuse it is murder right? If abortions are illegal is a miscarriage involentary mansladuter? I mean if you honestly think about the question If you make abortions illegal what do you do with women who have illegal abortions? then some of the reasons why it is Legal here in the US are answered.

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