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Now A Fluorescent Cat Has Been Made In The United States

A Flourescent Cat?

It seems like the news stories are getting more bizarre every single day now.....a genetically modified cat named Mr. Green Genes is the first fluorescent cat in the United States. How can we do this to nature?

This comes on the heels of some South Korean researchers making a cat that glows red under ultraviolet light last year.

Australia's Lesbian Fertility Bill

A "lesbian feritlity bill" has been passed through parliament in Australia. It seems this kind of thing is becoming commonplace in the Western world.

Riots If Obama Loses?

The Telegraph is reporting that American police fear riots if Barack Obama loses the election. Would the American people really riot over the results of an election?

Another Drug Taken Off The Market

Another troubled drug has been pulled. An obesity drug linked to suicides has been taken off the market. In fact, quite a few psychotropic drugs have been linked to suicide and depression. It is best to avoid all drugs if you can.


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