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Will San Francisco Voters Legalize Prostitution Next Month?

Legalized Prostitution - The San Francisco Treat?

Next month, voters in San Francisco get to vote on a measure that would eliminate the power of local law enforcement officials to go after prostitutes. While some claim that the measure would not "overtly" legalize prostitution, the measure would prevent the police from arresting prostitutes and thus they would be able to ply their trade without any interference from now on.

Atheist Bus Ads In London?

Meanwhile, things are not so great "across the pond" either. A British atheist group plans to put ads on London buses that proclaim: “There’s probably no God”.


monchs said...

I belieive it should be legal no one should tell a grown woman or man who to have sex with and who to give money to. A every day women who don't stand on the corner and don't sell their bodies have sex with men,that they don't know and they get more money than prostitues.

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