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State #3: Gay Couples Now Are Guaranteed The Right To Marry In Connecticut

In a stunning decision on Friday, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that gay couples have a constitutional right to marriage.

This makes Connecticut the third state in the United States to give gay couples the right to get married:

1) Massachusetts
2) California
3) Connecticut

Meanwhile, most of the rest of the states have given gay couples the chance to enter into "civil unions" which guarantee them most if not all the same rights and privileges of married couples.

We are living during a time of radical change, and America will never be the same again.


TJ said...

Don't you have enough problems in Connecticut without making a law against God's principles? Housing up, jobs down, industry down, crime up. Is this what God planned? No. Is it normal and natural for gays to marry? Bring up children so that they can learn from two dads or two moms. Do you have morals? Subjecting children to these relationships causes problems with their growth and development and should be a crime. I think I will work on getting a new bill passed regarding children in the mist of gays. What is their affects and the treatment necessary to bring them back to normal behavior. You don't give the child a choice to live normally. Your lust is more important than your child. I hope you all seek the face and God and get delivered... You are guaranteed the right to marry in CT but by your life style you give up on God and your chance to live eternally. Are you gay people selfish? If you don't have children you should still give up your sin and live for Jesus.

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