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The Madonna Divorce

Madonna is getting divorced.

Not that most of us are surprised.

Apparently, Madonna, who once appeared in concert suspended on a cross in one of the most sick, blasphemous publicity stunts in recent memory, had a list of rules for her poor husband.

The "rules" for her husband, Guy Ritchie, included the following:

"Guy must work to enrich his wife's emotional and spiritual well-being"

"Guy must never shout at his wife"

Guy also had to "set aside time to read Kabbalah texts" to his wife.

But before we throw stones at Madonna, let us remember that divorce is absolutely rampant in America. Just check out this picture of a "divorce cake".....

Divorce is at record levels in America, and sadly it is as common in the church as it is in the broader society.

Here are some facts about divorce in America.....

The percentage of the population that is divorced: 10% (up from 8% in 1990, and 6% in 1980).

Only 63% of American children grow up with both biological parents - the lowest figure in the entire Western world.

The percentage of married people who reach their 50th wedding anniversaries in America: 5%

But even more disturbing is the number of couples in America who are just throwing out marriage altogether and are living together without ever getting married.

A recent study reveals that since 1970, the number of Americans living together has increased from about 500,000 opposite sex couples to more than five million.

Let us pray for Madonna and for America that they will see the error of their ways.


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