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Bill Gates Invests 26 Million Dollars In A Homosexual Publishing Company

LifeSiteNews has published a story that reveals that Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has invested 26 million dollars in a homosexual publishing company.

The $26.2 million investment is in PlanetOut, a publishing company which runs Out magazine as well as the dating website "" which is used primarily for sexual "hook ups" and all gay cruises. The material put out by this publishing company includes hard core homosexual pornography.

And did you know that the father of Bill Gates was the head of Planned Parenthood?

In a 2003 PBS interview, Gates said: "When I was growing up . . . my dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that."

A large percentage of the funds from the "Gates foundation" goes to population reduction and eugencis programs.

And Bill Gates is not alone. The $31 billion donation to the Gates foundation last year by multi-billionaire Warren Buffet will also be partially used to further population control measures.

Buffett is very concerned about world population and has given multi-million dollar donations to causes such as the production of the abortion pill RU-486 and Planned Parenthood.


Mexjewel said...

Certainly if God didn't want men to have sex with other men, He would have said “Man shall not lie with man PERIOD (Leviticus 18:22, 21:13). God wanted Moses to eradicate rampant idolatry in the Jewish nation. That whole “ . . . as with a woman” thing condemns straight men pretending to make it with a woman, such as during idol worship. Paul explains it further when putting down the straight Romans (1:26-28 ) for “leaving their natural relations” (i.e.... as with a woman) and having idolatrous sex with men. Gay men are attracted to other men by definition and by God. They can only imagine what sex
“ . . . as with a woman” would be like.

“Homosexual” was coined about 1865, so any Bible translation since then that uses a form of that word is a lie that needs to be emended. ( The King James version is honest.) It premiered in a 1946 English Bible and continues to condemn loving Gays.

As Lord, Jesus bases and defines ALL sin as lack of love (Matthew 22:36-40). Such obvious sins as theft, murder and adultery are unloving because each has a victim, someone not receiving love.
Please tell me, who is the unloved victim in a homosexual relationship? Neither is a victim, neither is unloved. Where is the hurt? Who could bring suit against the “sinner”? What Gospel writer or Bible prophet claimed homosexuality is sinful? (Jesus didn't.) These are not rhetorical questions; they are unanswered by those who refuse God's grace and live by working the law.

It is noteworthy that Gay people employ themselves in loving professions like medicine, education and the ministry. However, some Christians evidently work in the Biblical judicial system.

We Christians want to avoid sin that offends God. We do not unilaterally harm God but we do wreck our love relationship with Him by sinning. Created in His loving image, we fail to live up to expectations. Without Jesus and His deal to make it all right, we would be planning our new residence in Hell. But we have taken Jesus as Savior and Lord and He keeps us in His Father's loving will.

What is the most love one can show another sinner? Offer them an eternity with God through the redemptive cross of Jesus. Instead of judging them, shouldn’t Christians be telling those “sinful” homosexuals that Jesus died for their sins? The stumbling block is that Gays do not want to affiliate with unloving and judgmental Christians. Know Jesus, know love. No Jesus, no love.

Sully said...

You're a fucking loon! Go and read a science book for yourself and take deep breaths before posting about moral collapses.

Xpoman said...
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Xpoman said...


God created Adam and Eve (Gen. 1:27, 2:24-25), not Adam and Bruce!
There are plenty of victims in the aftermath of homosexual relationships, don't kid yourself. You need to ask yourself just one question; where would the human race be if Adam was a homosexual?

Vincent Jappi said...

"Adam and Steve", not "Adam and Bruce" :-)

Those who want us to describe as "normal" a use of bodily organs which is completely contrary to their purpose are not only "perverts" per Sigmund Freud's definition:
they are also Orwellian deniers of the obvious.

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