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We Keep Creating Abominations - Now British Scientists Have Created A Purple "Super Tomato"

As if flourescent cats were not bad enough.....

Now British scientists have created a gigantic purple genetically modified "super tomato" that can supposedly fight cancer.

Well that sounds nice and helpful.

Who wouldn't want a super tomato that fights cancer?

But the reality is that we don't know the other effects that these genetically modified plants and animals will have on our food supply.

Once we let the genie out of the bottle, we can never get it back.

What happens when these gm plants start spreading their DNA all over the world and start infecting our food supply?

For example, Monsanto has created crops that have a "terminator gene" so that the plants will not create seeds so that farmers have to buy new seeds from them the next year.

How stupid can we possibly be?

What if these gm crops end up contributing to a global famine?

How stupid will we feel then?

Well, perhaps we are not as intelligent as we used to be. A new study reveals that teenagers are less intelligent than a generation ago.

Why are we less intelligent than we used to be?

One reason is all of these chemicals and other horrible garbage that we are putting into our food supply. Fluoride is now being added to children's milk in areas of the U.K.

Flouride is supposed to be good, right?


The Nazis and the Soviets put flouride into the water in their concentration camps. Flouride is a toxic sedative and it cause a decrease in IQ.

But who cares about that, right?


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