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A Video That Reveals How Incredibly Radical Barack Obama Is On Abortion

The following video does a great job of showing what Barack Obama really believes about abortion. However, the video also tries to show John McCain as a pro-life champion, which he is most certainly not. Nonetheless, it is a video that is well done and worth watching:


aheaton86 said...

i live in laguna niguel, my mom has been absorbed by the saddleback "cult" recently and i've never seen her so disillusioned from reality. she raised me to be rational and listen to all sides, especially ignoring those who use scarcity tactics(like this site and all evangelical marketing) to frighten people into thinking things will only get worse if you don't take their advice.. implicit or not. i guess what i am wondering is if there are any rational evangelicals out there that won't just get upset and call me a heritic. simply put this country was founded under freedom of religion and choice NOT christianity. i mean your site is called the moral collapse of america.. we came from a nation of christian slave owners and racists and before that christians that tortured and killed women in the name of christ becuase they were claimed "witches", unless youre talking about the 1950's i think you don't know what "moral" america you're talking about and even that only existed in white christian suburbs or in your minds because you hear the people you surround yourself with talk about that day in and day out. why don't you people just focus on the life that jesus christ lived is that what "true" christianity is.. thinking of others before yourself(very republican considering they can't stand to let a single penny go to people who don't work for it.. cuz they don't deserve it.. is that what the new testement taught?? hmm..) stop being so self rightous! was jesus patting himself on the back every 5 min about how moral he was.. nope. enjoy the collapse of scarcity ridden politics because thanks to technology and communications being what they now are transperency is going to discredit scarcity :) finally.. you'll most likely just delete this immediatly but truth always stands out over manipulation just know that.

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