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Why The Media And The Liberal Establishment Hate Sarah Palin

Why does the media and the liberal establishment seem to hate Sarah Palin so much?

Over this past week there has been an attack of unprecedented magnitude on John McCain's choice for vice president.

So why have the attacks been so vicious?

Is it because she is a woman?

Is it because she has little experience?


It is actually rather simple why they hate her so much.

They hate her because she is a Christian.

The media and the liberal establishment have a strong dislike for true Christianity, and they ESPECIALLY hate politicians who believe in Jesus Christ and who try to follow the Scriptures.

They don't like that Sarah Palin is a mother of five, and that she values her role as a mother above her career. For liberals, being a wife and a mother are roles to be looked down on compared to having a "career".

They don't like that Sarah Palin kept her second son, Trig Paxson Van Palin, who has Down syndrome. Liberals don't understand why anyone would keep a "disabled" baby. To them it makes much more sense to dispose of it.

They don't like how Sarah Palin is handling the pregnancy of her teen daughter, Bristol Palin. Liberals don't understand why Bristol doesn't just kill her unborn child through abortion.

The truth is that Sarah Palin is the first "real" pro-life candidate that the Republicans have had on a national ticket in over 20 years, and liberals are in a rage over that. Instead of just paying lip service to the pro-life community, Palin would actually DO something about it. This has the liberal crowd freaking out, and they are obsessed with keeping her out of Washington.

Another thing that drives liberals crazy is that Sarah Palin believes that Intelligent Design should be taught alongside the theory of evolution in schools. Considering the fact that the theory of evolution is on incredibly shaky ground and that all the scientific evidence points towards Intelligent Design, you would think that it would not be an unreasonable position to want all theories about our origins to be taught in schools.

However, if you don't believe 100 percent in evolution, then to liberals that is enough to brand a person as a lunatic.

Then there is the matter of sex education. If you aren't willing to teach 5 year old children how to put on a condom, then to liberals YOU are the devil. The liberal establishment absolutely HATE that Sarah Palin believes that people should be taught to wait for sex just like the Bible says.

And the fact that Palin attended a pentecostal church when she was younger is really bugging liberals. Liberals don't like Christians in general, but they REALLY don't like spirit-filled Christians.

You see, bigotry exists in America and it is tolerated openly. Bigotry towards Christians in television, movies, education and the media is accepted as perfectly normal in society today, and it is growing with each passing year. Somehow it has gotten to the point in our society where it is okay to call Christians every name in the book.

The fact that Palin believes that God really exists and that God can guide her in making decisions makes them furious. For liberals, there is no room for someone to ask that the "will of God" be done in a government decision.

For liberals, there is no room for someone to pray in the name of Jesus either. You will notice that the name of Jesus is conspicuously absent from the convention prayers of both parties.

So that is why the media and the liberal establishment hate Sarah Palin.

It is all about Jesus.


Abe said...

You're killing me. Not literally, of course, but still...

"All the scientific evidence points to intelligent design..."? Really? All of it?

Get a grip. The "liberal" media and political left don't like Palin because she's a Republican and it's an election year.

I also fail to see the benefit in electing somebody just so they can leave things "in God's hands."

PTET said...

You think so? Why not watch this video about Fox News et al. before you leap to judgment...

Abe said...

Fair enough, but it seems to me that pitting Jon Stewart against Fox News is pretty sensational from the get-go.

I wouldn't ever consider either one a reliable source of information.

Don't you think that if the roles were reversed, and Palin was a liberal, the conservatives in this country would be having a field day with her daughter?

PTET said...

Abe did you even *watch* the video?

Otherwise I can only assume that you are an idiot.

Abe said...

Don't misunderstand me, Fox News is utter garbage, and it's impossible to miss the flagrant hypocrisy that runs rampant on all of its shows.

I'm merely suggesting that both sides are equally guilty of character assassination with a short memory. The idea that candidates for public office should be above reproach from the womb is sort of unrealistic, so to pretend otherwise, to condemn a behavior in your opponent when you or someone close to you may be guilty of the same thing, is farcical.

But thanks for resorting to name-calling immediately. :)

PTET said...

You are quite right Abe. Apologies for being rude. That was totally uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

Your not being objective, your pointing the same finger you say is being pointed by the 'left'.

You have to stop using these terms,'left' & 'right' they get us nowhere.
They generalize and your generalization is utterly blind. That the left wouldn't understand why an individual would keep a child with down syndrome? For one,'the left' vote more for social programs than the 'right' has, do you understand why we refer to them as left and right?

Come on, all your doing is ranting garbage, which is disappointing being that the article that brought me here was one of understanding.

'Christmas Was Not Originally A Christian Holiday'

Stop playing the same game you hate, you want to make a difference? Ask why objectively.

We don't need another extreme voice calling from the crowd. We have enough of them.

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