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John McCain's New Ad Hits Barack Obama Hard On Sex Education

Have you seen John McCain's new ad?

It hits Barack Obama really hard on the issue of sex education.

It seems quite sick that anyone would want to force a 5 year old child to receive "comprehensive sex education".

Check out the ad:


PTET said...

The John McCain ad is a spectacular lie. See this short video for details.

McCain/Palin campaign must be in real trouble if this is what they've come down too.

Paul said...

Doesn't an attack ad against a bill that would protect young children from pedophiles imply that John McCain is pro-pedophile?

snake said...

"It seems quite sick that anyone would want to force a 5 year old child to receive "comprehensive sex education"."

Wow - you're dead right. It does seem quite sick that anyone would want to teach 5 year old children about 'inappropriate touching' and how to 'avoid sexual predators', as mandated by section 3a of senate bill 99 ("including age appropriate instruction..."). What disgusting gall Obama has in trying to give "factual information" that's "developmentally appropriate", discusses "abstinence as a method to prevent unintended pregnancy", contains the latest "medically factual information" and so on! I can't even read any more of this bill it's so disgusting! Moral Collapse of America is right! I mean, really! If all the kids I molest started telling their parents because of what they learned in school about how to deal with "unwanted physical and verbal sexual advances" as it states in section 3(b)(8)... well I just don't know what I'd do!

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