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The Truth About The Pagan Holiday Of Halloween - Child Sacrifce, Animal Abuse & Satan Worship Happen On The Devil's Most Important Day Of The Year

This October, millions upon millions of Americans will once again celebrate the pagan holiday of "Halloween".

But the reality is that nobody should celebrate this wicked pagan holiday.

Our hope is that most of you have researched the wicked origins of Halloween by now.

Some of you may think Halloween is harmless, but the reality is that this is the most important day of the year for most Satanists and for most people who are into the occult.

We personally know a minister who delivered a woman out of the occult who was involved in the most wicked things imaginable each year on Halloween.

Each year she would get pregnant after Halloween so that she could have a new baby before Halloween so that her and her coven would have a baby to sacrifice on Halloween each year.

This is not a joke.

This is real.

And it is happening in America every year.

It is time to learn the incredbily shocking truth about Halloween:

-An Ex-Satanist talks about Halloween

-Halloween a celebration of death

-A real testimony about what happens to children on Halloween

-The Satanic Calendar

-The Dark Side of Halloween

The good news in all of this is that if you are trapped in the occult that you can be set free by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ:

So what do you all think about Halloween after reading all of this? Feel free to leave your thoughts in our comments section.


Abe said...

You're wrong, this IS a joke. I hope you really do cower in a corner surrounded by bibles and jesus figurines on Halloween night.

Check my blog next month for a feature on the dangerous occult connections between Christmas and pagan solstice celebrations!

Floyd said...


lilcristal831 said...

People fail to see reality. On judgment day, people will regret everything they brushed off. Im tired of hearing people say "is this a joke?" NO it is not! We live in a spiritual war fare it is not hard to see it either! Im am so thankful to not have the veil over my eyes...thank you Lord Jesus!

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