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U.K.'s Biggest Credit Card Provider Says We'll All Pay With A Microchip Soon

The biggest credit card provider in the U.K. is now publicly saying that the plan is for everyone to start paying for their purchases with a microchip instead of a credit card very soon.

"In time you won't have to carry a plastic credit card around with you if you don't want to, although some people will chose to for nostalgic reasons," Barclaycard Chief Executive Officer Antony Jenkins stated recently.

This is just another small step towards the day when everyone in society will be forced to get chipped.

The reality is the the use of RFID chips is becoming commonplace in America:

So are you ready to be chipped?

Will you willingly take the chip when they come for you?

Will you resist the Mark of the Beast no matter what the consequences might be for you and your family?

It may be really easy to resist the chip when they introduce it on a voluntary basis at first.

But will you resist the chip when you cannot have a bank account without it?

Will you resist when you cannot buy or sell anything without it?

What will you do?

Where will you live?

How will you buy food for you and your family?

Will you resist when they start putting people without the chip in camps?

Will you resist when they start waterboarding you?

What about when they threaten to put a nail through your eye?

What about when they put you in a cramped, windowless cell and they turn out all the lights and they let dozens and dozens of hungry rats in?

What about when they start torturing your children right in front of you?

Will you still resist even then?

Will you still resist when they threaten to burn all of your skin off with acid and then throw you into a blazing fire?

Is it worth it for you to resist?

Why not just make things easy on yourself and take the chip and then you can stay in your house and buy and sell and you can go to work and live normally and the new world order will get of your back?

Will you have the power to resist when the time comes?

There are some who will have the power to resist.

Only those who have Jesus Christ will have the power to resist when that day comes. We urge you to find Him today:


Paul said...

I have some bad news for you Dude, if you carry a cellphone around you're already chipped.

FreePlay said...

Ugh, I can't even begin to tell you how stupid this is.

It's called an RFID chip. They'll be putting it IN YOUR CREDIT CARD so that you don't have to run it through a scanner.

You've probably seen the machines already - you just tap the card against a detector and it reads it instantly.

Seriously, grow up.

JustClever said...

Nice Blog. I am not astonished by those have commented before me. Such ignorance and evident stupidity is what will result eternal damnation. There are RFID's in Credit/Debit cards because that's the first step of the plan. The next phase in the technology is input this chip into your body guys. It's being volunteered as we speak.

jan said...

Well, I do believe the time is coming when we can't buy or sell without the microchip implanted in our skin, but i don't think we should be scaring people with torture tactics. The Bible says that in the End time, the "people that do know their God will be strong and do exploits." Dan. 11:32 The emphasis is that we should know God now, not if we can resist. He will give us power for the hour, not before.

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