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Pigs WITH HUMAN GENES In Them Will Be Grown In Missouri To Produce Organs For Use In Transplants Into Humans

Human/pig hybrids will be grown inside of the United States.

This is being publicly announced and nobody is getting upset about it.

A new U.K. program being launched is going to produce pigs with human genes in them. These pigs will be grown in order to produce organs for transplants into humans.

So now we will have these entities that are part pig and part human openly being grown right out in the open.

And do you know exactly where these pigs are going to be "raised"?

In Missouri.

An abomination right in the heart of the United States.

Does this upset any of you?


Abe said...

Ok, now I'm convinced that this site is a hoax.

If you really are this stupid, then please have a wonderful life surrounded by boogiemen and make-believe threats to your paper-thin religion.

Your path in life may be narrow, but you'll find it ultimately unrewarding when you join the rest of us in the soil.

Jack Dixon said...

This is one bizarre blog site. Some people just crave the feeling of impending doom, I guess, and see grave danger at every turn and behind every curtain. This could quite possibly qualify as certifiable delusional paranoia.

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