Moral Decline

Documenting The Moral Decline That Threatens To Destroy America

The Church Of England Offers Darwin An "Apology" & Researchers In The U.K. Declare That Gay Sex Should Be Taught To 5 Year Olds

It is not just the United States that is a complete mess.

The U.K. is a total moral disaster as well.

Today it was revealed that the Church of England has offered Charles Darwin an apology.




And according to leaders of a taxpayer funded project in the United Kingdom, children as young as five should be "taught to understand the pleasures of gay sex".


Sadly, yes.

Australia has problems too.....

In Australia, one of the scholars from "The Jesus Seminar" has started a new religion. This new religion repudiates much of traditional Christianity.

I wonder how much of an ego you have to have to start a new religion.....

It is amazing how many crazy stories come out every single day now.


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