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Lindsay Lohan Will Marry Her Lesbian Lover, Jessica Alba's Effort To "Seduce The Vote" & A Teacher Plays Torture Porn In The Classroom

Lindsay Lohan Plans To Marry Her Lesbian Lover

After giving up on men and dating her lesbian girlfriend for only a few months, Lindsay Lohan is now planning to get married.

I guess the matching tattoos should have been a clue that they were serious.

Just a few days after DJ Samantha Ronson announced that Lindsay would be her wife by the end of year, the "Mean Girls" star is wearing quite a ring on her wedding finger.

Actress Jessica Alba Tries To "Seduce The Vote" With A Raunchy, Topless, Bondage Ad

Apparently "Rock The Vote" was not enough. Now actress Jessica Alba is out to "seduce the vote".

The young star of "Sin City" is shot topless in the photo campaign with heavy eye makeup and black tape across her mouth and chest.

The pictures include the tag line "Only You Can Silence Yourself" and Alba claims that the pictures "really resonate" with young people.

Particularly with young males I would suppose.

Pornography In The Classroom

A high school photography teacher in Phoenix, Arizona has been put on administrative leave after his students said that he showed them "torture porn" videos for 20 minutes during class.

One of the students said that the teacher began a photography lesson by connecting his personal computer to a projector screen. The class was told to work on an assignment, and he allegedly began viewing the torture porn videos during instruction time, all the while forgetting that the projector was still connected to his laptop.

"He forgot the projector screen was turned on and he started watching porn and we were all just like sitting there shocked that he was watching this in front of the class," one of the students said.

And the sad thing is that this is not an isolated incident.

There are countless teachers in America who are addicted to pornography.

What is particularly sick about this individual is that he sat there watching it in front of his class. We can only guess how many days he did this.


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