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Bill Maher's Blasphemous New Movie "Religulous" & More

Bill Maher, host of "Real Time With Bill Maher" on HBO, will be releasing a blasphemous new movie called "Religulous" on October 3rd.

Among those interviewed by Maher in the film is a man playing Jesus at a Holy Land theme park in Orlando, Muslims at a gay bar in Amsterdam, and Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, a Puerto Rican man who refers to himself both as “the Second Coming of Jesus” and “the Antichrist.”

Maher is very open with the fact that the purpose of the film is to mock religion, and Maher admits that the film will offend “any religious person.”

On another note, veteran Christian music artist Ray Boltz has come out and openly announced his homosexual lifestyle.

Many Christians are absolutely in shock over the Ray Boltz news, and this comes at a time when actor Brad Pitt has just donated $100,000 to support gay marriage in California.

It seems as though every day there is just stunning news about the collapse of morality in America. We need to pray for the people of this nation while there is still time.


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