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A Urine Collector, A Pedophile Teacher & A Craigslist Sex Troll - 3 Examples Of America's Endless Supply Of Sexual Deviants

The sad, twisted stories of a urine collector, a pedophile teacher and a Craigslist sex troll show how much America has changed.

Years ago, parents could let their children spend time in a public park or stay after school with a trusted teacher without giving it a second thought.

Those days are gone.

Now America is overflowing with sexual deviants, and there is no place you can go to get away from them.

Let's begin with the story of the Ohio Urine Collector.....

A couple weeks ago, the Columbus Dispatch told the story of one very disturbed urine collector. Alan Patton, 56, of Columbus, Ohio, has been consuming the urine of young boys for over 40 years, and a 2007 jail sentence apparently has not had a deterrent effect.

Patton was arrested once again in June 2008 and twice more since that time.

What was Patton arrested for?

Patton is accused of turning off the water in a recreation center restroom and placing plastic wrap inside the bowl in an attempt to catch the "nectar" that he says enables him to "become part of their youth."

Now, there is no Ohio law that absolutely prohibits collecting or drinking the urine of others, but Patton violates his almost constant probation by visiting any public restroom.

Then there is the story of the female pedophile teacher from Florida.....

When young, attractive teacher Stephanie Ragusa broke her foot and was confined to a wheelchair in 2006, a 14 year old male student was assigned to escort her around the school.

It turns out the young boy was shy, and Ragusa told him that "she could break him of that".

And "break him of that" she did.

Ultimately, she started inviting him to go to her apartment after school instead of attending an after school program. In her little "love nest", they had what the 14 year old boy described to authorities as "consensual" sex.

Eventually the police got involved, and the boy was able to clearly describe several tatoos that are not visible on Ragusa with her clothes on.

The sad thing is that many Americans will not be shocked by this story because we have had so many female teachers take advantage of their students in the past few years.

Finally, there is the story of the notorious Craigslist Sex Troll.....

Almost two years ago, a twisted young man named Jason Fortuny placed a fake sex ad on Craigslist pretending to be an attractive woman seeking casual sex with a man.

Now most people who are only a little twisted would read the responses they get with enjoyment and stop there.

But that is not what Fortuny did.

Fortuny had people who responded to his ad send a photograph, and he then published the pictures of those people on the internet.

Now one of Fortuny's victims has filed a 75,000 dollar lawsuit against him in U.S. District Court.

Fortuny has tried to defend his actions by writing the following:


I've been asked over and over, "Jason, why did you do it?" To be honest, it was a small act that quickly spun out of control. It's not like I woke up that morning and said, "hey, I think I'll start a controversy today and get my face in the news." I posted the fake ad with the sole intention to satisfy my curiosity about what kinds of people respond to such overt advertisements. I expected no responses. I didn't believe anyone would fall for such an obviously fake ad on a website that tells its users to exercise caution.


So next time you are in a public restroom, or you are talking to your child's teacher or you are in an internet forum and you get a creepy feeling.....

Listen to it.

There are a lot of deviants out there.


Abe said...

...and a great many of them are Christians.

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