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Oprah Winfrey & Her New Age Religion Are Trying To "Redefine" And Destroy Traditional Christianity

Oprah Winfrey claims to be a Christian, and she promotes "religion" on her shows with increasing frequency.

But did you know that the New Age religion that she so tirelessly promotes is 100 percent opposed to the foundational beliefs of Christianity found in the Scriptures?

Did you know that Oprah does not believe that Jesus came to die on the cross?

Did you know that Oprah is teaching that there is no need for salvation?

Did you know that Oprah is teaching that there is no heaven?

Did you know that Oprah is teaching that there is no hell?

Did you know that Oprah is teaching that you are God, she is God, "the light" is God and just about anything else you want to call God is God?

Did you know that Oprah is teaching that the Bible is not any more important than a whole bunch of other "religious" books?

Did you know that Oprah is teaching that killing babies through abortion is a good thing?

Did you know that Oprah is teaching that homosexuality is wonderful, and that those who say homosexuality is sin are those who are evil?

These things can't be true you say?

Watch the video posted below. All of these things are documented.

For many years Oprah Winfrey has promoted New Age religion on her television show, but in 2008 she has taken the shameless promotion of false religion to an unprecedented level.

Oprah recently held weekly internet "lessons" for the whole world with her new spiritual superstar Eckhart Tolle.

These are some of the disturbing things that Tolle has written:

"All religions are equally false and equally true, depending on how you use them."

"Man made God in his own image."

Did you know that Oprah is openly denying Jesus Christ to the whole world?

Oprah stated on her television show that there could not possibly be only one way to God. You can see Oprah make this stunning statement in the video below.

In addition, Oprah recently said that she does not believe that Jesus came to die on the cross, but rather that the purpose for Jesus coming was to teach us "Christ consciousness".

Oprah is also feverishly promoting the teaching of New Age guru Marianne Williamson. Oprah has given Williamson a radio show on Oprah's own radio network to promote such beliefs as:

"There is no sin."

A "slain Christ has no meaning."

"Do not make the pathetic error of 'clinging to the old rugged cross.'"

"The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself."

These are the things that Oprah truly believes and has been promoting all over television and radio.

So welcome to the church of Oprah where there is no sin, no need for salvation, no heaven, no hell and where you are God:


Lindsey said...

I am by no means an Oprah Winfrey fan. Can't stand the woman.

But what I dislike even more than Oprah is so-called Christians who actively spend time bashing others for having different beliefs.

Christ taught love, tolerance and acceptance that we are all children of God. He did not teach us to pull excerpts of Oprah's shows out of context in order to make a mean-spirited video or nasty blog post aimed at discrediting a woman for not believing exactly what you do. Shame on you, whoever you are.

Wildleaf said...

The issue here, lindsey, is NOT that Oprah is wrong and the article writer is trying to be mean-spirited. The problem with her statements is as follows:
- Oprah claims to follow Christianity
- Christianity believes Jesus died for all our sins
- Oprah does not believe Jesus died for all our sins and is influenced by some "new age" influences

With these three points we can see Oprah is NOT in fact a Christian, and is methodically attacking Christian core beliefs while claiming to hold those same values.

Love and tolerance is nice, but tell me what Jesus did when he saw the Phrases screaming about their fasting, or purposefully praying so others could see their holiness, or what did he do to the peddlers in the temple? I will tell you that Christ called them out as hypocrites (funny word, as that is the largest accusation of modern Christianity). Christ did NOT tolerate those things. So lindsey, read your Bible some more and see that Christ was the embodiment of love, but not universally tolerant of belief systems that SPIT IN THE FACE of God.

alli said...

Hi Lindsay
I think it is appropriate that in a public format Oprah makes statements that can then be critiqued.
I do agree with you on Christians judging non-christians, however if she states that she is one then she is fair game to be critiqued within the christian tradition.
She is wrong.

Christ did teach love and by applying it, others can be drawn to God and be invited into a conversion experience. It is only through this experience that Christians can practice what christ said do, however I think you should look a bit deeper into the scriptures and understand that it is only through this 'being born again' thing that we become children of God.
Not everyone that says they're christian is a child of God, though we are all made in his image, the difference is subtle but when you realize what it means its pretty profound.

Varghese said...

I agree with Lindsay. Forget abt Oprah.. If she thinks she is a Christian then its just an assumption with false motives.

I'm born christian but I will be a true christian only if I do the will of GOD. Am I doing that, that would be right question.and its the same with all christians in general.

Oprah is just another story which we have to write off from history. "empty vessels make more noise"

we have several other things to worry abt,

e said...

Here is the thing that disturbs me the most about her or any talk show, and it is not so much as the talk of religion, but of hypocrisy: To say they want to be against sex offenders but to promost division saying there is more than one way. Well life has many paths but only one God. I accepted Jesus when I was little, but I listen to new age music and have never had any problems because of it. I don't worship lucifer, and I have been a victim of both the occult and the church. So I can tell you first hand Oprah is just another talk show and she is no different than a hypocrite who calls themselves a Christian but cannot realize they are human.

Power In Truth said...

i know of Oprah and have never watched her show. But where is judge ye not lest ye be judged????? hypocrites and judgmental people are certainly not christian's either. So get back to thye bible and let God judge Oprah.I know i was sexually abused by my deacon father and at age 9 i attempted suicide.Incest runs rampant in religions because all the good christians of the world tell ya that obey thy parents so thy days may be long.Why is it not told that actually thats not true?? so as u can see there is exeptions many of them as a matter of fact. So again judge not lest ye be judged. who ever wrote that crap is on the fast track to hell.And fills my mouth with bile so much i want to puke. Christianity has been fond of the genocide of people who they JUDGE as immoral.Look at our Native American brothers n sisters who christiantiy nearly wiped out bcuz they refused to convert and bend to the will of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

the song in the video, one of the members of the band is a homosexual. this blog seems to be totally against that, really funny i though that you posted it.

the band is called sigur ros

Anonymous said...

Let's not get all wrapped up in the fact that Oprah believes what she does. Let's not judge her, that is God's job, and he will judge us all as we all have things that are just not always right in his eyes. I am a Christian and I believe that we just need to pray for her.

Macey said...

Okay ,
so i dont know what half of you people are talking about . But all I know is tht there is a God in heaven and he did sent his son to die on the cross to save his people . If you dont beleive tht , thts your loss . He loves everyone on this earth no matter what their past has been or what their future will be . Soo , make a deicision . Its your choice . But , to most of you I might sound like oprah but with a different point of view , but I only am saying this because this is what I trully beleive .

merv said...

I think that Hollywood has become a law unto itself.They have established their own code of ethics and morals,so for example if you speak against homosexuality,then you need to attend a rehab center.why don't they have rehab centers for homosexuals where they can be counselled and possibly receive hormonal treatment.I believe Oprah has embraced this hollywood type religion.It leads away from Jesus Christ to the way of destruction.

Dom said...

well, i'm just a simple believer and i read all your comments about the new generation religion of Oprah. i will just say something about people that said that we shouldn't judge so that we don't get judged. i think what the Bible says about the judgement of others is completely different from his. first of all we all know that Oprah is one of the most influential people on earth and millions of people consider her as a role model. now as Christians we know the foundation of our faith which is Jesus Christ and who believes and talks about Jesus is talking about his sacrifice on the cross for we Christians. if Oprah is a true christian and knows that she can easily help carry out the gospel of Jesus, she should also know that she can at the same time be a barrier to it moving forward. so, exposing the false teaching and inspirations of Oprah is not a judgement! in fact God will even be happy with such a person who tries to warn his children to beware of false prophets. the second thing that i would like to say is that Oprah's doing Good is not a reason of her being godly. remember that the devil is smart! don't expect the anti Christ to come with guns and shooting at people, that will never happen, he will be nice, generous with peaceful speech. he will seduce millions through his ruse and then he will reveal himself. i think as Christians we are a family and it's worth enough to warn our family members of a danger so that we don't loose them. so our judgement toward others that the Bible warns us about is human finding another human guilty and condemning him!not exposing Oprah's false doctrines. none is judging or condemning her but we are trying to protect our christian family all over the world to beware not to loose their faith cauz we are in the last days believe me or not. Get Jesus and be saved! God bless you! Amen!

April said...

I agree Dom with what you said. I used to watch the Oprah show all the time and I admit that. But when she continued on with her "New Age" beliefs, I began growing tired of it. I know good people and I understand that she is a good person, but if you claim Christianity and hold high influence, then you should be very careful with your actions. In the New Testament there is a story of a girl who had a 'spirit' in her that told the future.. she began to follow the apostles around and shout" These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved." Finally Paul became so troubled after she followed them around for many days he turned to the girl and said "In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you come out of her!"(Acts 16:16-18) God does not approve of psychics and I know Oprah has allowed psychics in her show. Now even Satan believes in God.. Oprah may just be another tool in his full tool belt to mislead and cause confusion amongst Christians and non Christians alike. Satan can cover up things with a pretty little bow and eye catching wrapping paper.. if it was that easy to discern the bad from the good, Satan wouldn't be getting as much of a following. God does warn us to be cautious.. if people find that to be judge mental than let them. God knows Oprah's heart and He will be there at judgement.. but I will not be a part of misleading others down the wrong path and that's encouraging people to follow the 'Oprah way' instead of the 'eternal way' which is only through Jesus.. not any other way!

Anonymous said...

Based on my christian beliefs and knowledge of the bible I do not agree with the religion that Oprah has organized. You have to know the difference between false religion vs. true religion because false religion may seem like true religion if you get caught up in it Oprah is trying to mislead people but and a lot of people are falling for it but then some are not falling from it. Read your bible study your bible stand on the word of God and not the word or words of man don't fall for religious foolishness stand for truth and hold on to it. Be strong in your Christian faith if you are and do not get involved in the false religion of man but be involved in the true religion of Jesus Christ the one who died, the one who rose, the one who ascended to heaven the one who gave us life the one Jesus and the one way to Jesus because there is only 1 way to get to heaven he died for us on the cross of calvary because he loved us and because we were sinners the bible says that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. God bless you and if you want to comment to this quote please do so.

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