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Evangelical "Christian" Television Preacher Paula White & Her Ex-Husband Pastor Randy White Have Both Given Thousands To Barack Obama's Campaign

What does it say about the church in America when some of the most prominent "television evangelists" give thousands of dollars to the campaign of a rabidly pro-abortion presidential candidate?

According to Federal Election Commission records, Paula White has given Barack Obama's campaign $2,300, and her husband, Randy White, has given $2,000 to Obama's campaign.

Randy White, the pastor of the controversial Without Walls megachurch in Tampa, is on the record in the Tampa Tribune saying that he supports Obama and that he believes that his famous ex-wife does as well.

Does everyone realize how many millions of Christians listen to Paula White?

She is one of THE most prominent leaders in the Christian church today.

Her ministry takes in millions of dollars, she is a best selling author and she has even been on Larry King Live.

And now she is fully supporting and giving money to a politician who supports open baby killing.

How far can the church in America fall?


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