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Cheering On Self-Destructive Behavior Is NOT Love

Society is urging all of us to show "love" and "tolerance" by approving of whatever sinful behavior others choose to participate in.

But this is NOT what love is about, and a simple illustration shows this very clearly.

Take some time to imagine the following:

Two people enter a supermarket. As they head down the aisles, they see a 3 year old boy who is opening up a bottle of Clorox and is about to pour it into his mouth.

The first person grins widely and yells out to the little boy enthusiastically: "Chug it down little man!"

The second person is absolutely horrified and runs over and rips the bottle of Clorox out of the little boy's hands.

Which person is being loving in that situation?

It is the second person of course.

Our society has developed a very warped definition of "love".

Today it seems that if you love someone, you are supposed to cheer on whatever choices they make, even if those choices are incredibly self-destructive.

The reality is that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Love is about caring for people, wanting the best for people and about meeting the needs of people.

Love is NOT about participating in and cheering on their self-destruction.

When we see someone caught in sin, the loving thing to do is to urge them to turn from their self-destructive ways and to turn to the Lord God.

To cheer on the sinful choices of others is the total opposite of love. Instead, it reveals the selfishness, laziness, self-centeredness and utter lack of holiness in our own lives.

So when "Christian" leaders cheer on the sinful behavior of others are they being loving?

Not at all.

In fact, they are shaking their fists at God and they are enabling others in their self-destructive behavior.

The Scriptures define what right and wrong are, and when people shake their fists at the Word of God they do so to their own peril.


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