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A Stunning New Survey Reveals That 57 Percent Of "Evangelical" Christians In America Believe That "Many Religions Can Lead To Eternal Life"

You read the headline correctly.

An absolutely shocking new survey by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life has found that 57 percent of "evangelical" Christians in the United States believe that "many religions can lead to eternal life".

This stunning study reveals what many true Christians have known for quite some time: apostasy among "evangelical Christians" is spreading, and it is spreading like wildfire.

Do we even know what an "evangelical Christian" is anymore?

"Evangelical Christians" are SUPPOSED to be those Christians who follow the teachings of the Bible the closest. But this new survey clearly shows that even a majority of "evangelical" Christians do not even believe in the most fundamental precepts of the Christians faith.

For example, John 14:6 says this:

John 14:6 --

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

If there was another way for our sins to be forgiven, then why did Jesus need to die on the cross? If there were other ways, then Jesus could have just come down to earth, pointed out a bunch of other "religious" ways to get to heaven, and then gone back up to heaven without having to deal with the cross.

But the truth is that there was no other way.

Jesus had to die on the cross, because there was NO OTHER payment for our sin.

Yet this new survey shows that a majority of evangelicals now believe that there are many other ways to God.

This stunning new survey also revealed some other very disturbing facts:

Approximately 36 percent of evangelical Christians agree with the statement "homosexuality is a way of life that should be accepted by society".

78% of Americans overall believe that there are "absolute standards of right and wrong," but only 29% of Americans rely on their faith to define what those standards are. The majority of Americans (52%) turn instead to "practical experience and common sense," with 9% of Americans relying on philosophy and reason, and 5% relying on "scientific information".

In addition, the study found that 45% of Americans as a whole say they seldom or never read their religion's holy books.

So what are we to make of all this?

For one thing, the "Church" is a mess.

Americans seem more confused than ever, and the need for truth is more desperate now than it perhaps has ever been.


Abe said...

Never mind that many of the world's religions existed before Christianity...

Anonymous said...

It looks like, even for evangicals, their built in logic and common sense wins over what age old dogma simply tells them to believe. if there were a heaven it would be downright evil (not to mention extremely arrogant) for a deity to demand that one believe in HIM and follow his teachings, or else they burn in anguish forEVER. apparently, 57 percent asked "why?!? what if someone is truly good and moral? they have to burn and suffer??" and 57 percent concluded "this doesn't make sense. i'd rather believe that you can go to heaven by being a good person. it doesn't HAVE to hinge on some arbitrary belief invented who-knows-how by who-knows-who" the next step, hopefully, will lead this 57% to realize that you don't need to follow this dogma in order to lead a happy life. an eternal life in heaven is a dream, and a false hope. accept that death is all that's eternal, and move on (and up!)

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