Moral Decline

Documenting The Moral Decline That Threatens To Destroy America

The Mountain Of Sin That Threatens To Destroy America: Pornography, Abortion, Sexual Sin, Divorce, Murder, Greed, Torture & Child Abuse

This blog is going to be committed to chronicling the ever increasing mountain of sin that threatens to destroy America.

America was once the greatest country in the world. We were wealthy, we were civilized, we were cultured, we were generous and kind-hearted, we loved others, and we tried to follow God.

But now we have seen decades of moral decline. Men of God have gone across this nation warning that the huge mountain of sin that America is building will bring the judgment of God.

But has America listened? Has America repented? No! Instead America has treated God's patience with contempt and has indulged in ever increasing sin year after year. Now America is absolutely loaded with evil and wickedness.....


Abortion - (We have killed over 40 million babies)




Depleted Uranium Weapons (using nuclear waste to fight our wars)

Child abuse, especially child sexual abuse, has become a national pastime.

Divorce is at record levels, and it is as common in the church as it is in the broader society!

Greed and pride are absolutely rampant.

Adultery and fornication are practically the national sports of America.

Murder is so common in the United States that it is a joke to the rest of the world.

False religions are exploding at a rate that is mind blowing.

Americans take the name of the Lord in vain at the drop of a hat.

Americans lie, Americans cheat, Americans steal and Americans sin, sin, sin with an ever increasing thirst for more sin.

But the reality is that there is a God, and He has been EXTREMELY patient with America. However, if America does not repent, He will bring judgment.

This blog will call on America to repent of all this wickedness and sin and to cry out to God for mercy.

It is time to face the overwhelming evidence:

-God DOES exist:

-Jesus Christ really did come to the earth:

-Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead:

-All of this was foretold by God in the Bible with specificity:
(Click "Watch" to view the presentation)

-Jesus is alive and doing miracles in our day:

-Jesus is appearing to people all over the globe:


-Jesus is coming again and the signs that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass right in front of our eyes:

If you are interested in repenting of your sins and becoming a Christian, here is a website that will show you what to do:


Dillenger69 said...

Let us not forget the scourge of religious fundamentalism.

SimbaJoe said...

Why does this blogger hate America??

Move to France if you hate this country so much, hippie.

Biff S. said...

"The Mountain Of Sin That Threatens To Destroy America: Pornography, Abortion, Sexual Sin, Divorce, Murder, Greed, Torture & Child Abuse"

Cool, they did all that stuff in the bible didn't they?

graves666 said...

Wait - why are you listing good things as if they were bad things?

Fornication, pornography, and divorce all make the world a better place. Actually if you love family values and hate child abuse, then you're pro-divorce. Divorce can be great for families. And homosexuality - my gay friends say it's fabulous and I believe em! Evolution and atheism? well the world is round, sweetheart. Don't try and say it's flat or you'll just look silly.

But torture, child abuse, and and and depleted uranium weaponry - you'll get no arguments from me! Who says the right and the left don't have things in common?

Mr. Guy said...

Wow. That's a lot of sin and decay going on there. Thank GOD you came pointed them out to the scores of people who read this blog (the ones without the intent to ridicule and mock its author...which including yourself is about 2, right?)

We killed 40 million babies, yet you survived. This alone is all the evidence I shall ever need that there is and can be no God.

Mr. Guy said...

Wow. That's a lot of sin and decay going on there. Thank GOD you came pointed them out to the scores of people who read this blog (the ones without the intent to ridicule and mock its author...which including yourself is about 2, right?)

We killed 40 million babies, yet you survived. This alone is all the evidence I shall ever need that there is and can be no God.

Ross said...

funniest thing I've read today.


lol, lookout! the invisible sky wizard is going to send me to hell for mentioning my penis!

Obbop said...

There's gonna' be a whole lotta' smiting and smoting going on some day.

I prophesize full-blown class warfare accompanied by ethnic battles that are already underway in the USA southwest as the non-assimilating barbarian horde continues its invasion across the southern border.

Verily verily I utter unto thee; rough tough times a-coming and the invaders will destroy the masses of politically correct wimps while America's warrior class comes to the rescue.

Hopefully the warriors will allow the barbarians to thin out the PC herd.

Mike said...

What's the difference between Muslim fundamentalism and Christian fundamentalism?

A little bit of fashion sense. Cheap suits look better than turbans.

kushheadelite said...

False religion? You mean like yours?

Scythemantis said...

While I disagree with you on each and every point, the only one that offends me is your stance on evolution. Sorry, but not only is evolution observable fact, there is absolutely no aspect of it that contradicts the bible. Scientists do not consider it evidence against God at all, so why do Christians repeatedly go out of their way to invent a war on science?

E-mail at and I can explain to you in detail why all Christians should accept evolution, and how every Creationist argument against it is a childish distortion of half-truths and outdated hoaxes.

Gabriel said...

You know not all french hate America Simbajoe..... but yea this religious fundamentalism is kinda scary. And why cant there be a god yet there also be evolution.

I mean we all have faith that our alarm clock will wake us up in the morning but we never know that it WILL happen. So having faith in a God or God's what ever be their names is just like that they could be wrong or right but you dont know for sure so yea.. have a nice day.

Oh yea... forgot you have to relize that even thou someone may look at pornography or they fornicate it dosent make them a bad person so


farmerman said...

Behind every preaching fundamentalist is a life full of these same sins, albeit most likely to a lesser degree. You only have to examine the never-ending reports of persons like Ted Haggard (former president of the National Evangelical Association) being caught behaving in a manor in direct opposition to their teachings to realize that religion’s true message of peace and tolerance was forgotten many years ago and is now a pulpit for declaring how much more “righteous” oneself is from one’s peers.

It is we the people who allow our spiritual leaders to continue with this farce. Religion, through greed, corruption, nepotism, and fear-mongering has slid to the point that we now expect better behavior from our neighbor than we do of God. If you witnessed your neighbor beating his dog to an inch of its life after eating a steak that was laid at his feet to taunt him, you’d call the police, the SPCA, and probably the national guard but we accept it as truth that our God has a penchant for laying temptation and radical eternal punishment.

I don’t expect the ants in my ant farm to build a monument to my greatness or worship me for all of time, only to behave as ants, but so too is God’s intelligence and magnificence to our own yet you insist he demands adherence to a self-sacrificing doctrine. Person’s who take on the role of preacher should examine themselves first. How many times have you broken God’s law? How many skeletons are in your closet? If only we had enough time to investigate every holier-than-thou proclaimer I doubt many of you would be left.

point9 said...

Pride, huh? You don't quite seem the humble prophet that you make yourself out to be.

Hmmm. . .I'm willing to bet that small piece of artwork that you're using isn't yours. . .and I'm willing to bet you didn't pay for its use either. Theft. . .how very Christian of you.

The difference between people like you and the rest of us is that you don't see the hypocrisy in your ignorance and the rest of us can see you for what you really are.

You're a dying breed. And the sooner you learn to be accepting of other people - regardless of their creed - the sooner you'll stop posting detritus like this.

Dan said...

Why on earth would I be interested in becoming a Christian?!?

I love my friends and family far too much to put them through that. I think I'll just stick to smoking crack. It's hard to be a hate-filled bigot when you're on crack.

Christopher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ultraholland said...

I'm masturbating to snuff films while throwing wads of burning cash at my child from my second wife, so I'm really getting a kick out of this blog.

logruszed said...

Haha, the world isn't the way you want it to be and that makes you sad.

And it never was. Hah, self-deluded people are like crazy folks with right wing voting history.

Abortion's have always taken place (look up "Penny Royal" tea; you think hookers just had fifty kids, worked four months a year tand retired? What, are you stupid or something?), homosexuality has always been around, what other stuff were you pretending we just invented recently? Adultery and sex? Yeah, you're misinformed about that stuff too.

There are probably fewer abortions per-capita today because of effective birth control than there were 100 years ago.

¯`·.¸.×±ËÑ said...


Do what you want, fuck the religious nuts.

Duncan said...

Evolution is the same as child abuse?
Consensual sex is the same as torture?

Oh, I see. You post, make those general thrusts, and then watch the responses pile up, and then point to them and say "look at all these people defending child abuse and torture" when in fact they just wanted to defend sleeping with who they want to and science.

Flame on!

SimbaJoe said...

Was Jesus an American? I thought he was a filthy hippie who hung out in some weirdo desert Middle Eastern land like Osama bin Laden, messing around with hookers and people with diseases.

Did Jesus eat hamburgers? Did Jesus watch football? Heck NO! Jesus didn't care about anything REAL Americans care about.

Keep your weirdo Middle Eastern beliefs to yourself and out of my red-white-and-blue USA!

Yay Hamburgers! Boo Osama bin Jesus! Yay football!

Eric said...

There have been approximately 10,000 religions (including sub-sects) over the history of mankind, including hundreds currently practiced around the world. You must consider yourself quite lucky that YOUR religion (most likely the one you were born into) is the only one that's true.

Eye of the Dolphin said...

As a follower of the bible you should be familiar with the following passage.

John 8, 8
"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

Wasn't it one of the basic tenants of Christianity that you should not judge? Over and over again this is a message throughout the books chronicling the life of Jesus. And yet over and over again professed Christians judge and condemn what they perceive as wrong. It is not your place or mine to judge another human being who has broken no mortal law.

That is all.

Chris said...

People like this give Christianity a bad name.
If he really read the Bible he would know that God will not single out a country because of sin.
God won't judge anyone until the end of this world.
He's going to give people many, many chances in the end times to realize that he's really there.
God loves people and wishes that none should parish but all should be with him.
Christianity is first and foremost a belief system based on love.
Too many people interpret it to their own beliefs.
Anyway that's my 2 cents.

Jackie said...

To Logruszed I have to say that you need to do better research on the herb pennyroyal; it cannot be used to cause abortion, but was often used in the past to expel a DEAD fetus and to promote menstruation after a miscarriage, much like the procedure today known as a D&C, although the one is an herbal remedy while the other is surgical.

All I have to say to the author of this blog is that it's so extreme it seems like political satire to me. If that's the idea, then good job.

CheapFarker said...

Intolerant literalist/fundamentalist rants like this make those Christians who are trying to do something good in this world look like idiots. Please keep the hate-filled, judgmental tripe to yourself so that you do not interfere with those who would spread Jesus' message of loving one's neighbor without condemnation.
Remember to forgive sins seven times seventy times before you condemn the sinner. I forgive you your interference with the true spreading of the Kingdom, please forgive me my bluntness.

The Profit Center, Inc. said...

The "America" that you speak of is just a fantasy in your head.

America was founded on the concept of freedom. Freedom to pursue happiness, in whatever way you define it.

You define it one way: I another. The beautiful thing is that each of us can go about our business without fear of interference.

Just remember: Freedom means letting other people do things you don't like.

Because as sure as God made little green apples, somebody doesn't like what you're doing.

Francis said...

All you sinners and fornicators are going to burn in Hell for all eternity for thi....oh damn that's torture.

At least we're in good company -- God's got the same excuse that Guantanamo has: "When I do it, it's OK."

Matthew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MarkSCS said...

Do all troll blogs have this many ads on them?

Matthew said...

Thank you so much for showing me the error of my ways. I will cease and desist the horrible murderous adulterous things I have done such as, but not limited to:

1. Cheating on my wife with a one-eyed French menstruating prostitute while eating shrimp and wearing clothing woven of two (or more) fibers. After I spilled my seed upon the rocks, and not within her caverns of iniquity, I proceeded to beat her with an upside done crucifix made of depleted uranium while chanting in Parseltongue.

2. I am sorry for starring in that pornographic film with my dog, my wife, a midget, a 1 legged whore from Thailand (Her name was Suzie, wow...) and Liza Minelli. It was the '70s, so obviously illicit, dangerous and vile drugs were involved. Thankfully rotten tomatoes has rated it as a top ten pic for D-list porn, right behind Kathy Griffin and Elton John do Vegas.

3. I am sorry for crucifying my son when he would not take out the trash. In my defense, I warned him twice and did spare the rod. He has been passed for three days now, so really he should be back any minute now and not too spoiled.

4. Please pardon me for the meiosis occurring within the deepest jowls of my pelvis as I type this, it has recently come to my understanding that the by product thereof may be used for the continued proliferation of the human race (abortion notwithstanding), and therefore perchance... prove evolution is true. But not like the Bible.

5. And finally, I am sorry for knowing Smithson consanguineously in the carnal sense. Smithson was such a good boy until I found out that the same length he spread his hands when he described how Jesus loves us was also the length he could explore my cavern with his Shepard's crook.

So shattered paradigm, thank you so much for this. I have already made plans to go to the Mormon church (the one next to the Texaco with the drive through) down the street and hear more about your Jesus. Thank you and Allah bless.

Rob said...

Jesus ate my puppy.

Ben M said...

Idiot. How can you even begin to compare abortion and sexuality with torture and child abuse? You know what else is destroying America (and the world)? Crushingly stupid religious fundamentalists like you.

Find some real facts on evolution before you insist on its falsity. The pathetic site you link to cites a single letter about gaps in the fossil record then follows by assuming that evolution can't work because he doesn't understand it. For that matter, where is all the scientific evidence that your pathetic god and saviour exist? Please stop trying to impede the progress of society with your creationist idiocy.

alan said...

This blog is the worst kind of filth. I thought I had read the worst of Sodom and Gammorah, then I found this site. What kind of sick freak promotes the end of our beloved USA at the hands of divorced, dead fetus pornographers? You should be ashamed of yourself annonymous blogger! May the good Lord place your site on FARK so that the whole world will know about your perversion!

Mr Rich said...

God must be on your side - he's influencing Google Ads to direct you to a better place - and even opining on your nonsense:

Volunteers Needed Abroad
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Volunteer in Cambodia
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...and my personal favorite:
Bathroom ideas (gasp! potty thoughts!)
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Bill said...

You poor thing. I don't know what has made you unhappy in life but pretending something magical happens to you when you die won't do it. There are bad people in this world but they are bad because it serves their self-interest, just like being good to others serves ours. Dont spend all your time hating and judging others. That serves no ones interest.

sphenodontida said...

If you want to reject evolution, then I hope you reject DNA, genetics (discovered by the monk, Gregor Mendel), artifical selection (you know, different dog breeds?), forensic evidence, our agricultural crops and paternal testing. Because all of the things I just listed DEPEND upon the facts that evolution has shown to be true.

If evolution could not happen, we couldn't have:
- different breeds of dogs
- modern food crops (all were developed using thousands of years of artificial selection; they no longer resemble their wild relatives)
- DNA evidence for convicting criminals
- genetic testing to discover the legitimate father of a child
- genetic testing for disease
- etc, etc

You can't claim that evolution is fake and yet accept everything else that uses the exact same principles as natural selection. Just sayin'.

Oh, and our good pal Charles Darwin? He was going to attend schooling to become a country pastor when he was offered the job to be a naturalist on the Beagle. He didn't know anything about it, but took the job anyway. His contributes to biology were relativesly small. He actually provided far more science to geology, as it was his observation and speculation which has proven true, regarding the formation of the Andes mountains, and various other rock formations he viewed on his famous voyage.

Oh, and most of the scientists we praise the highest are or were atheists.

Know your facts before making yourself look like a fool.

Barrett said...

The OP is one link short of a complete set:

ncanvas said...

Oh please, if you rolled the clock back only 100 years you would find a far more cruel and horrible world:

- Women didn't have the right to vote and beating them was acceptable

- Blacks (only free from slavery for barely 50 years) were routinely lynched and discriminated against

- Children died in factories and of diseases we no longer see such as polio and typhus

- Child abuse was essentially legal in all but the most severe cases

and so on...

Learn some history fool

vm said...

Oh hey check it out:

You believe god is omnipotent and omniscient (big words, I know, but it means all powerful and all knowing).

You believe that this being created every single person on Earth.

Since I am a person on Earth, you believe that this being created me.

If homosexuality is evil, why did your god make me inherently evil? Did he wake up 9 months before November 28. 1984 and go, "You know what, this soul, this soul is going to be evil! Here you go, Satan! Here is a tool to fight me!"

Incredi said...

You know that 53% of all statistics are made up right? Where the hell are you pulling your figures from- never heard so much shit in my life!

Oh and where is your statistics on happiness- heterosexual people may live longer but do they enjoy their lives as much? Certainly not those like the author of this that go around crying 'Sinner Sinner'.

Celestial Moon said...

Or maybe America simply decided to catch up with the rest of the developing world and progress rather than retrogress. There's your proof that evolution is indeed inevitable. ;)

vtmarik said...

You do know that evolution is a theory on how life developed and species diverged from one-another, right?

That it isn't a theory about how life began?

And that trying to claim that it is makes your argument look ridiculous?

Just checking

Brent said...

I'm going to keep this short, as I have to go to work and keep the world safe from potential environmental disaster at a refinery.

Studies have shown that countries that have legalized and available pornography have fewer sexual crimes, including rape. See here:

Notice that rape in the US has decreased approximately 72% since 1993. This wonderful thing called the internet expanded since then, in which pornographic websites constitute the single largest business.

Let us also note that abortion is not a recent development. You can find evidence in the Hippocratic Oath:

The Lord's Name is not "God." It is not "Jesus." It is Yahweh. How often do you hear people saying "Yahweh damn it!" in the streets?

Child abuse per capita has not increased dramatically since ancient times. What HAS increased is the list of things considered to be child abuse. Disciplining one's child, for instance, seems to be child abuse. At the same time, doctors have declared for years that abstinence-only sex education is a form of child abuse that is ineffective at lowering teen pregnancies, a common source of abortion.

Blessed be,
A witch

Shattered Paradigm said...

Wow I see that my post has ignited a firestorm.

If you enjoyed this post, you should also check out my other blog titled "Shattered Paradigm":

abb3w said...

You left out the prevalence of people who eat shellfish these days.

erk said...

Let us not forget, having religion beat into young women

Derrick said...

Wow, the poster of this blog is truly an idiot.

Paige said...

Regarding the link to why Homosexuality is "evil":
Not a single source cited is newer then 1994.
Many of those "statistics" are so outdated as to be null and void. I don't know a single English teacher that would except them as viable sources.
Our society has come a long way sexually, socially, and educationally.
Most of those statistics has since been proven wrong. For example any one that sites STD rates and molestation rates: check out CDC's stats and then most updated child abuse numbers. You'll be proven wrong in a heartbeat.

Alexander said...

Hey, why don't you just shut up. You suck and God sucks, and America rules. Boom

Brent said...

I'd like to further comment on this, as I did get quite cut off by work. Lots more to hit in here.

The subject of Christianity as the solution here is an interesting one. As many people have already pointed out, Christianity is not the only religion promising to be "the one true faith." Moreover, a number of things need to be addressed properly for your position to hold water.

1. Jesus of Nazareth, while contested by some, most likely did exist. Not once, however, does Jesus call himself "Son of God." The disciples do, while he calls himself "Son of Man." The only time in the Bible that Jesus refers to anyone as "Son of God," he refers to an entire crowd as "Sons of God," not any individual.

2. The prophecy in Daniel referring to a messianic figure is part of the oral tradition of the era and area. Some elements of the messianic figure are found in the myths of Horus, Gilgamesh, Perseus, and other major mythological figures of the era. Jesus' image, as portrayed by the apostles, was carefully made to comply with the pre-existing tradition, including the passages in Daniel. This carefully crafted image was continued at the Council of Nicaea, which solidified much of the Christian tradition. The First Council of Nicaea occurred in 325 AD, approximately 300 years after the death of Jesus of Nazareth. Multiple Gospels that did not fit the image in question were removed and were deemed part of the Apocrypha.

3. From the above similarities to other mythical figures, as well as the incredible innuendo throughout the New Testament, Jesus is an astrologically based deity, ushering in the Age of Pisces, which can be especially seen with the wedding feast miracle in which Jesus fed the masses with two fish and a loaf of bread. There are also connections in imagery to Jesus as a solar deity, particularly with images of the crown of thorns (sun rays), the notion of rising after three days, which bears resemblance to the days following the winter solstice (the sun is said to be dead for those 3 days, then it "comes back to life" as it visibly moves northward on the 25th of December). Want to hear more (probably not, but humor me here)?

Moving away from that particular sticking point, let's go towards other ones.

Homosexuality: In asking most Christians, the New Testament, which chronicles Jesus' teachings and life, holds more weight than the Torah (the original 5 books of the Old Testament). Why is it, then, that Jesus' message of love without regard to the faults (real or perceived) of others (Matthew 5:43-48 comes to mind) is put on the back burner compared to Leviticus 18:22-23? If we are to accept Jesus' word as law, as the New Testament would suggest, the writings of Paul (Corinthians, Romans), which are not the words of Jesus, hold (arguably) less weight than the words of Jesus himself. Jesus preaches love in an unconditional fashion. From whence does the fundamentalist right-wing draw their ire? Surely, not from Jesus.

I'm not asking you to change your beliefs (though you are certainly asking me to with the last section of your blog post), but I do encourage you to think. Consider the contradictions of the Bible, consider that child abuse, torture, murder (some of which is glorified), and pornography exist in the Bible, and consider that Christianity has become so divided as to accuse other sects of the religion as being blasphemous (Protestants vs. Catholics, for example). What does it mean when one can say that the church of Christianity is fractured, splintered, and decaying from the inside, with so many proclaiming to be Christian, yet failing to follow the teachings of the Bible, with so many of those people never having opened a Bible in their lives?

Your faith has never given me peace of the heart, nor the love that it proclaims. I believe that your people are lost, just as much as those you choose to condemn yourself. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I cast no stones here. I merely offer thoughts and possibilities. My becoming a witch brought me peace in ways that no other faith could possibly compare. To love even your enemy is the call of Matthew 5:43-48. Perhaps this makes me more a follower of Jesus' teachings than you.

Blessed be,
a witch

The Brain said...

Haha, you got owned. Not a single comment agrees with this ridiculous list of "sins"

OIDA said...

I thought most of the posts against this blogger did nothing but prove the bloggers point. :) Some tried to argue but resorted to name calling and sarcasm.

As far as getting appears "you seeth with colored spectacles". :)
This blogger is right on.

Good blog!! I'm sure I'm going to get some hateful responses, but again, it simply illustrates your point.

cageyJG said...
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for said...

Why are you so worried about America? It's a man made social experiment. Christianity has always been a religion for the individual, not the government. The world around the believers is supposed to be horrible. That is what heaven is for.

And, I'd like to know what America you are remembering - were we wealthy during the depression in the 30's or the recession during the late 80's? were we civilized while we were killing off the Natives or locking up Asians during WWII? Remember McCarthyism? not so generous or kind.

America is made up of so many different religions. It always has been - from the first settlement of puritans that seeked religious freedom - and they weren't even running from Muslims or Buddhists but other Christians! I think you have a whitewashed view of what America is supposed to be. It is a social system intended to give people freedom of choice - not to regulate moral values. Your church is made for that.