Moral Decline

Documenting The Moral Decline That Threatens To Destroy America

1 Out Of Every 4 Teen Girls Have An STD & More Than 25 Percent Of The Residents Of New York City Have Herpes

When God tells us to do something, it is for our own good. When we violate God's laws there are consequences.

God tells us to stay pure until marriage for many reasons, and one of them is that staying pure protects our health.

STDs are exploding across our nation. Now, one out of every four TEENAGE girls has at least one STD.

That is unthinkable!

And for those teen girls who acknowledged having sex, the rate of infection is 40%.

Dr. Margaret Blythe, an adolescent medicine specialist at Indiana University School of Medicine and head of the American Academy of Pediatrics' committee on adolescence says that these figures are "overwhelming because you're talking about nearly half of the sexually experienced teens at any one time having evidence of an STD."

A nation full of sexual immorality is a nation full of sexual disease.

And did you know that a new study by the Health Department of New York City has found that 26 percent of all residents of New York City have herpes?

Now keep in mind.....that is only one sexually transmitted disease.

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, infectious syphilis, AIDS and many other disgusting sexual diseases are also running rampant in New York City and across the United States.

How in the world did America get to this point?

America violated the Word of God.

America broke God's Laws.

If everyone waited until marriage and kept sex inside of marriage, then these diseases would not be running rampant in the United States. But America thought it knew better, and America did things that way that it wanted, and now America is paying the price.


raven-moon said...

Perhaps if, instead of your variety of closed-minded idiocy, we taught teens how to properly use condoms to prevent the spread of disease, this sad statistic would not be the case However, thanks to morons like you living with your heads in the sand, and refusing to allow anything but abstinence education (like that will ever work!) kids think that drinking bleach or smoking pot will keep them from getting pregnant. That kind of blind, ignorant, stubborn, stupidity poses far more risk to teen's health than sex. (

ESCartist said...

I will agree your postulate is logical: That if human beings could respect monogamous boundaries, STD rates would fall precipitously. Unfortunately, study after study have shown that this is not the case: These programs do not work.

If your 'God' was anywhere near as wise and omnipotent as you seem to believe he is, he would have given our conscious will more power over our hormonal desires. As we all know, there is a difference between knowing the Truth, and in this case, your 'God' has seemingly designed faulty creatures- creatures that can become, even for a moment, slaves to hormonal programming.

You are in a catch-22 with this argument. There is not a single shred of evidence that abstinence campaigns actually reduce STD rate. Your postulates 'Truth' is ineffective, as a method to actually affect the human population. This leads to one of three conclusions:

1- Human beings were intentionally created as flawed creatures by your 'God'. If this is the case: God created us with the explicit knowledge that most of us would not be able to overpower our animalistic instincts for the sole purpose of tormenting our souls in hell for eternity. I can not think of anything more sadistic, and I will not support that 'God'.

2- Your notion of 'God' is wrong, somewhere you have misinterpreted your evidence of Truth, and the drives which naturally come to us are indeed largely irrelevant to the notion of Salivation. The so called 'Liberal God' Theory.

3- Human beings are indeed just animals and your notion of God is just an illusion, as are whatever lifestyle notions he ascribes to you.

If Abstinence education worked, you would have a case. It doesn't. If your Truth is right, please explain this.

ginasketch said...

Gee, could it be because the fundies are teaching them not to use condoms?

Abe said...

This site is fantastic.

Do you get that these statistics seem so sensational because we're really only figuring out to track them?

JoshD said...

How could someone say there are studies that prove abstinence doesn't stop STDs????? If you're not having sex how else could you get an STD?? Wow! Should we all walk around with condoms on to protect our selves??LOL
Remember when our country valued abstinence?? People actually waited until marriage to have sex??? Ya really!! Go watch the history channel...