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Missouri Police Taser An Injured Sixteen Year Old Boy With A Broken Back 19 Times

How far down the toilet has America gone?

Well, where else in the world would police taser an injured 16 year old boy with a broken back nineteen times with 50,000 volts?

Ozark Police Captain Thomas Rousset attempted to justify the actions of his department by saying this:

“He refused to comply with the officers and so the officers had to deploy their Tasers in order to subdue him."

If any of you can possibly defend this type of police brutality, I would love to hear it. Feel free to post your reasoning in the comments section below.

A video report on this horrific incident is below:


for said...

Why do you say that all of America gone down the toilet when some cops in one incident made a huge mistake? And, the local media is evidently concerned about the incident to cover it (and you obviously and me too) - so there must me a lot of people outraged at this incident if we are. If the news didn't cover this kind of story or if no one cared, then I might agree with you about America being in the toilet. I think you are overreacting.