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Enhanced Pat-Downs

The new "enhanced pat-downs" being conducted by TSA officials at airports all across the United States are provoking a massive backlash by outraged citizens.  Why?  Well, because the truth is that these new enhanced pat-downs are little more than legalized groping.  TSA officials are now required to feel air passengers up wit the fronts of their hands.  During enhanced pat-downs the new guidelines instruct them to actually feel the outlines of the male and female genitalia.  In addition, in many instances it is being reported that TSA officials are actually reaching down the pants of men and up the skirts of women during these enhanced pat-downs.  Some TSA officials are performing enhanced pat-downs hundreds of times a day, and they do not put on clean gloves each time they perform an "examination".

Yes, this is really happening in the United States of America in 2010.

Things have gotten so bad that incoming chief deputy DA of San Mateo County, Steve Wagstaffe, has announced that he is sending deputies into San Francisco International Airport to investigate felony groping by TSA officials.

Prominent blogger Erin Chase is a regular air traveler, and she recently made headlines across the country when she described the groping that she experienced during one of these enhanced pat-downs....

She patted my left arm, my right arm, my upper back and my lower back. She then said, “I need to reach in and feel along the inside of your waistband.”

She felt along my waistline, moved behind me, then proceeded to feel both of my buttocks. She reached from behind in the middle of my buttocks towards my vagina area.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my buttocks, or reach forward to my vagina area.

She then moved in front of my and touched the top and underneath portions of both of my breasts.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my breasts.

She then felt around my waist. She then moved to the bottoms of my legs.

She then felt my inner thighs and my vagina area, touching both of my labia.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my vagina area or my labia.

So how did Erin feel after receiving an enhanced pat-down?  She was horrified beyond belief...

I stood there, an American citizen, a mom traveling with a baby with special needs formula, sexually assaulted by a government official. I began shaking and felt completely violated, abused and assaulted by the TSA agent. I shook for several hours, and woke up the next day shaking.

Here is why I was sexually assaulted. She never told me the new body search policy. She never told me that she was going to touch my private parts. She never told me when or where she was going to touch me. She did not inform me that a private screening was available. She did not inform me of my rights that were a part of these new enhanced patdown procedures.

Is this what America has come to?

This is yet another sign of how far our moral decline and our moral collapse has advanced.

Now countless Americans will be publicly groped and fondled every day at airports across the United States.

Of course you know who is going to run out and apply for these jobs, right? It is going to be pedophiles, perverts and sickos.

If you have any doubt that the TSA is totally out of control, just check out the following video....

So how much more of this will the American people put up with?

We are rapidly being turned into an anti-American Big Brother police state.

For much more on this, we encourage you to check out the new book by Grant Jeffrey entitled Shadow Government: How the Secret Global Elite Is Using Surveillance Against You.

In addition, please feel free to check out some of our other websites that chronicle what is happening to America....

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