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Is America Cursed?

Is America cursed? Over the past few years, America has seen record setting fires, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes. But 2009 has seen things go to an entirely new level, with plagues, infestations, droughts, natural disasters and economic problems hitting the U.S. all at once.

Just consider the following examples.....

*Is America cursed? According to shocking new estimates from the CDC, hundreds of thousands of Americans could die from the H1N1 flu over the next two years.

*Is America cursed? The state of California is in such a financial mess that they are actually considering releasing tens of thousands of convicted criminals back on to the streets just to save money.

*Is America cursed? The emerald ash borer from China and the mountain pine beetle are eating America's forests at a rate that is absolutely mind blowing.

*Is America cursed? Organic Health has posted an article describing how the FDA specifically allows rat excrement, maggots and insect heads to be put into our food.

*Is America cursed? According to one new report, the U.S. government's maximum financial exposure for the Wall Street bailout could total nearly 24 trillion dollars.

*Is America cursed? The Truth has posted an article about how the U.S. government is spending 2.6 million dollars to train China's prostitutes how to drink responsibly.

*Is America cursed? Record breaking heat and drought continues to plague the state of Texas.

*Is America cursed? The Last Days has posted a story that points out that all of the newest poll numbers reveal that Christianity is in a state of massive decline in America.

*Is America cursed? The Emergency Food Supply is reporting that a disease known as "late blight" is absolutely devastating tomato and potato plants in the eastern half of the United States.

*Is America cursed? The very weak wheat harvest this year is disappointing farmers across the state of Illinois.

So is America cursed?

You tell me.


judy said...

Oh yeah. It's cursed. How could it not be? Look at what the government schools have done to our children. Look at what our government has pushed into the face of 'family' - accept the pervert or else. And that's just the beginning of changes.
Take Christ out of Christmas?

America is deservedly cursed.