Moral Decline

Documenting The Moral Decline That Threatens To Destroy America

Education Reform?

A government blueprint for a new primary curriculum in the U.K. is so bizarre that it is hard to describe. Instead of learning about the Romans, Vikings, Tudors or World War II, elementary students will be force fed lessons on sex, drugs and Twitter.

This new blueprint was developed by former Ofsted chief Sir Jim Rose following a request from Children's Secretary Ed Balls.

The following are some of the lowlights from this plan for U.K. education reform.....

*Compulsory sex education will start when children are five years old.

*Nine year old children will be given drug and alcohol education.

*There will be less emphasis on history and instead students will learn about Twitter, Wikipedia and blogging.

*Sustainability and global warming will be key elements of the curriculum.

Sustainability and global warming?

That must be the fiction portion of the curriculum.

But the most disturbing part is the compulsory sex education for five year olds.

What possible justification is there for showing a five year old kid how to put a condom on a banana?

The reality is that the sooner you teach kids about sex, the sooner they are going to want to do it.

Five year old kids cannot handle sexual information.

America is rapidly swirling down the moral toilet, but it seems that the U.K. is determined to get to the bottom even before the U.S.

The truth is that both countries have completely rejected the ways of God, and things have gotten so bad that almost every day now we see new signs of moral decay in both nations.