Moral Decline

Documenting The Moral Decline That Threatens To Destroy America

At One High School In Chicago 115 Girls Are Either Pregnant Or Already Have A Baby

In a sign of just how bad the moral decline in America has gotten, 115 girls at one high school in Chicago either already have a baby or are pregnant. Yes, you read that correctly. 115 high school girls at one Chicago high school are pregnant right now or have already had a baby. As jaded as I have become from reading about America's moral collapse, I have to admit that even I was totally stunned by that news story.

How in the world do 115 girls at one high school get pregnant?

I remember the days when one or two pregnant girls at a high school would be a major scandal.

Not that the majority of the blame should be focused on these poor young girls or even the young boys who impregnated them.

Rather, a lot of the blame needs to go to those of us who are older.

We are getting what we deserve as a society.

When we teach our kids that they evolved from animals it is only a matter of time before they start acting like them.

When we quit teaching our kids the morality found in the Bible and instead tell them that morality is "wearing a condom" we should not be shocked when there is an explosion in teen pregnancy.

When we force kids to sit through "sex education" without giving them any moral instruction why should we be surprised when things like this happen?

The truth is that this is what the United States has become. A land where sin of almost every variety that you could possibly name is absolutely exploding.

There is only one solution - we must turn back to God. But Americans are becoming increasingly angry when you try to tell them that simple bit of truth.

In the meanwhile, American society is literally collapsing all around us as the moral decline accelerates.