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4 Stories That Show That The Morality Of The World Is Collapsing

It seems like there is a constant barrage of news stories these days that clearly show that the morality of this world is going quickly down the toilet. Here are four examples:

-It is estimated that over 70 million girls and women in 27 African and Middle Eastern countries have been sexually mutilated through the barbaric practice of "female circumcision" according to Unicef. 70 MILLION? How could we let this happen?

-A woman in Germany decided to put an end to her bad marriage not by getting a divorce, but by chopping up her husband and flushing parts of him down the toilet.

-The California Legislature is now ordering schoolchildren to celebrate gay and lesbian lifestyle choices, and a new law will mandate an official day commemorating homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality in California public schools. I wonder what the new holiday will be called?

-I guess we should not be surprised that the corruption goes all the way to the top - the Bush White House has its own interrogation room.


boneplate said...

just because there is something that goes against your beliefs doesnt mean that thing is immoral.

And besides i learned about gay marriage at ayoung age too,it hasnt affected me in any way and it wont affect any future kids learning of it

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